Pipe Trolleys & Material Trolleys

Looking for a trolley that's specifically designed to carry a particular type of load? If so, you're in the right place - each of the products in our Pipe & Material Trolleys range is perfectly suited to one distinct task.

Our Pipe Trolleys are perfect for ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your pipes. With unique shapes built to fit rounded materials, our pipe trolleys can carry up to 500KG through a strong, sturdy frame which reaches up to 6 meters long. 

On the other hand, our Material Trolleys are ideal for transporting important materials such as poles, timber product, floor coverings, carpets and other long materials within factories, showrooms and warehouses.

To buy or hire the Pipe / Material Trolley(s) you need, please select from the following options:

What We Can Provide

We have an extensive range of high-quality pipe and material trolleys to choose from, so if you're looking to transport any of the following goods, we can provide the perfect solution for you:

  • Pipes/tubing
  • Rolls of carpet
  • Steel plates and boards
  • Other long materials

All of the trolleys in this section of our website are available both to buy and to hire. All you need to do is select the product you're interested in and follow our simple online ordering process to purchase your trolley(s) online or request a hire quotation as applicable.

It's as easy as that to get the Pipe Trolley or Material Trolley that you need!

If you require any assistance, please feel free to call the PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com customer service team on 0808 123 69 69.

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