Forklift Extensions

Is the fork length on your forklift truck insufficient? If so, you may need an extension! We have a great range of forklift extensions that'll add a little extra reach to your forks, resulting in added stability when moving longer loads. These extensions are made from heavy duty steel and won't affect the manoeuvrability of your forklift. 


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How Are Fork Lift Extensions Used?

Forklift extensions slide over the normal forks of your forklift and rest on top of them - these are then locked into place under a fork hammer. Our forklift extensions come in an array of different sizes to accommodate varying carriage heights. 

Why Are Fork Lift Extensions Used?

Forklift extensions are used to help loads that have a great capacity or are oddly shaped. Our forklift extensions are ideal for those who need to manoeuvre large loads, making the transportation of goods that little bit safer. 

Our Forklift Extensions - More Information:

Our forklift extensions come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 1524mm to 2440mm, with the minimum fork length varying depending on which product you select.

Here are some further details about our high-quality forklift extensions: 

  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel 
  • Open base type 
  • Sold in pairs 
  • Steel restraining strap included
  • Warranty included as standard

If you have any questions about these products, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.

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