Forklift Hook

Convert your forklift truck into a miniature crane with a sturdy forklift hook from! These versatile hook attachments can easily be fitted to most forklift forks in order to create a strong lifting point for a variety of different loads.

Why Forklift Hooks? 

Forklift hooks provide a safe way of converting your forklift into a miniature mobile crane. This product is great for those who require multiple lifting positions. 

Choose from the following forklift hook attachments:

Forklift Hook Attachment: Buy or Hire from

Our high-calibre forklift hooks are available to buy or hire, meaning that we can accommodate both long- and short-term lifting requirements while offering great value for money every time.

All forklift hook attachments are tested and certified before sale to ensure a long working life and prevent unexpected product failure. Turning your forklift truck into a mobile crane via a swivel hook attachment will enable you to carry out all kinds of lifting/handling tasks with ease!

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