Roller Crow Bars

Our Roller Crow Bars consist of a strong steel tube mounted on a pair of rollers. It serves as a simple, robust means of leveraging heavy pieces of machinery or equipment, making it easy to lift these objects and get underneath them. Each of our Roller Crow Bars comes its own unique SWL (safe working load) specification, up to 5-tonnes.

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Buy or Hire Your Roller Crow Bar Online

All of our Roller Crow Bars are available to buy or hire, meaning that we can provide you with a winning solution for short- and long-term requirements alike.

When ordering your roller crow bar(s), please bear in mind that each of these products has a specified lift capacity that must not be exceeded. For example, do not use a crow bar with a lift capacity of 1500kg to lift an object weighing more than 1500kg. Exceeding your crow bar's lift capacity may damage the product and/or the goods you are lifting; it can also result in serious injuries.

If you have any questions about our roller crow bars, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.

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