Load Security

In order to transport loads safely and securely, it's important to have a system of lashings and other restraint devices in place, in order to ensure that the items remain secure in transit. Our load security range contains a wide variety of straps, restraint hooks, load binders and more, all designed to provide high-quality, hard-wearing functionality. 
Uses for our lashing and load security range include:
  • Event Rigging
  • Logistics Operations
  • Travel, Camping & Home Moving
  • & more!
To buy or hire our safe and reliable load moving equipment, choose from the options below:

Ordering Lashing and Load Security Devices

While some items in our load security range are available for purchase only, there are also many items with provide the option both to hire or purchase, which is ideal for temporary or large-scale operations, which require vast quantities of equipment.

For convenience, our store has separate hire and shopping carts as part of our checkout system, allowing you to shop for lashings, while also adding items you are interesting in hiring to your enquiry list simultaneously.

For more information about our load security range, please call 0808 123 6969, or email sales@palletruck-trolleys.com

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