Polypropylene Rope

When transporting goods by road, it's important to tie all loads down to ensure that they don't come loose in transit. Our polypropylene rope is ideal for this - the heavy-duty blue rope is extremely sturdy and versatile, making it a the perfect restraint solution for a wide variety of different loads.

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Blue Polypropylene Rope for Load Restraint Applications

Available in a variety of different lengths and thicknesses, our blue polypropylene rope is an incredibly flexible load restraint solution that's well-suited to all kinds of different situations. Whether you're transporting goods by car, lorry, van, or another type of vehicle entirely, polypropylene rope can be used to bind and restrain the load quickly and efficiently.

Our polypropylene is extremely strong and durable; however, it has not been tested for lifting or fall prevention applications. As such, it should only be used for load restraint purposes.

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