Wide Pallet Truck

To transport an exceptionally wide load, you need an exceptionally wide pallet truck! Our wide pallet trucks are specifically designed to transport wider loads and manoeuvre them into position with ease. Suitable for use in environments with wide aisles which will provide enough room for a wide pallet truck. 

To buy or hire your wide pallet truck from PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com, please select a product:

Wide Pallet Trucks: Why Choose PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com?

If you need a wide pallet truck, here's why we at PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com are the best choice on the market:

  • All products come fully assembled
  • Warranty included as standard
  • Pallet trucks are fully tested before dispatch
  • Fast delivery and great customer service
  • Low rate on servicing going forward

We have worked in this industry for decades, and so our knowledge of pallet trucks (and wide pallet trucks) alongside any other material handling products is vast and comprehensive. We only sell the highest-quality items, so you can rest assured that your wide pallet truck will meet and exceed your every expectation!

Call PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com on 0808 123 69 69 if you need any help with your order.

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