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Lifting boxes with a pallet truck

The phrase 'manual handling' covers a huge variety of tasks that may happen in the workplace. For many people, these tasks make up the bulk of what they do every day at work - no wonder there are so many different products available to make manual handling jobs a little bit easier!

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Here's our guide to manual handling tasks and how our products can help with them.


Manual Handling & How to Make It Easier

Manual handling often involves moving heavy objects, which can be hazardous. Careful planning helps to eliminate unnecessary risks - there are many ways to minimise the amount of heavy lifting required in your workplace.

Where possible, it's recommended to use trucks and trolleys that can reduce the need for manual handling tasks. Not only will this help to keep your workers safe, it will also speed up jobs that could otherwise have been quite time-consuming.


Using Mechanical Help for Manual Handling Tasks

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that measures are taken to minimise the risk of injury. They specifically suggest using items such as pallet trucks and sack trolleys in order to help with manual handling tasks.

Here at, we offer a selection of products that will help your workplace to run smoothly by reducing the need for strenuous activity and making manual handling jobs easier!


Moving Heavy Objects

Moving heavy objects can be very physically demanding. It not only requires people to lift these objects, but then to walk some distance so the object is in the correct place. We all know that this can cause a number of safety issues - using mechanical equipment will help to minimise these risks.

Manual Handling Hazards & How to Avoid Them >>

If you use a pallet truck, for example, you can simply load the truck with your goods and then wheel the truck safely and smoothly to its destination. This puts much less strain on the body and eliminates the risk of injury from carrying heavy items for a prolonged period of time.

You can even purchase electric pallet trucks to make pushing the load through your workplace easier. A batter-powered pallet truck is an easy-to-use bit of equipment that will minimise dangerous lifting and make the workplace safer.

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Heavy Lifting Guidelines

Lifting heavy loads onto shelves or higher platforms can pose a very real health and safety risk. The NHS recommend that you do not lift heavy objects above waist height. If you need to lift items higher than that, we'd recommend using machinery such has hoists and scissor lifts to reduce the risk of injuries. Scissor lifts will give you a little bit more height, making it easier to place objects on higher levels.

For more demanding lifting tasks, we offer a range of lifting equipment that will help you safely and securely lift heavy loads. Available products range from hand-operated chain block hoists to our range of lifting magnets, which can help you to lift a wide variety of objects that may not be movable by manual labour alone. We offer lifting solutions with a range of weight limits, so no matter the job, you can get it done safely.

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As an employer, it's vital to minimise the risks your employees face in their day-to-day work. By using safety equipment and mechanical aids for your heavy lifting, you're making your employees' safety a top priority and keeping your warehouse moving too.

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Our range of electric-powered pallet trucks has just gotten bigger! 

This week, the team here at Palletruck-Trolleys have added a collection of Pfaff electric pallet trucks to our range of existing electric pallet trucks.

German-born Pfaff is renowned for the incredible strength, quality and durability of their products, and is one of the go-to brands for many within the lifting industry. This has given them a solid reputation for their range of heavy-duty lifting products, which we are now proud to offer to our customers! 

Benefits of electric pallet trucks 

Wondering why you should choose an electric-powered pallet truck over a manual? Here are a few benefits:

  • They are easier for the operator to control and are less likely to cause any strain-related injuries.
  • Electric-powered pallet trucks allow workers to move around the workplace at a quicker pace, saving you time.
  • Operating an electric powered pallet truck is less tiring than operating a manual pallet truck and so is less strenuous.
  • They have the ability to help lift loads of up to 2200kg's


Our range of Pfaff electric pallet trucks 


1500kg Pfaff Electric Pallet Pallet Truck


This Pfaff electric pallet truck has a lifting capacity of 1500kg and is operated by an electric drive and manual lift. On even ground, this pallet truck is the perfect choice when it comes to transporting palletised goods over short distances. Easy handling and compact dimensions make this pallet truck a great alternative to a manual pallet truck. The strong motors and electric controls ensure a rapid and finely metered start, with a smooth lift coming from the high-performance hydraulic pump.

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Heavy Duty 1400/2200kg Pfaff Electric Pallet Truck



Our heavy-duty Pfaff electric pallet trucks are the ideal piece of lifting equipment to lift and transport heavier items. These are great to use in confined areas with efficient housing chassis, comfy to drive and steer and has a strong construction. Intended for professional use, these pallet trucks are perfect for work on ramps and unloading/loading container lorries.

1400kg Pallet Truck >               2200kg Pallet Truck >


Want to see our full range of electric-powered pallet trucks? Browse our entire collection right here. For more information on our Pfaff pallet trucks or if you would like to speak to a member of the Palletruck-Trolleys team about ordering one of our Pfaff pallet trucks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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Christmas has come early here at, as we’ve added an additional EIGHT products to our range of goods from iconic lifting gear brand, Pfaff.

Grab yourself an early Christmas present today by taking a look at these awesome products now, as we give you the lowdown on what’s on new in the world of Pfaff.


pfaff pump trucks logo


Pfaff Pallet Pump Trucks

With a history that dates back to the mid-1800s, it’s fair to say that Pfaff have an iron-clad reputation within the lifting gear industry.

Supplying top-quality lifting equipment for over 150 years, Pfaff continue to go from strength to strength with their superior inventory of goods.

These new products are no exception and available now on!


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2.5 Tonne Pallet Pump Truck

A best-seller amongst Pfaff pump trucks, the Pfaff Silverline 2.5t model is a favourite of many due to its combination of durability and strength.

Featuring a high-quality epoxy coating, rubber wheels and an adjustable lowering speed, this product is capable of moving both Euro and GKN sized pallets.

What’s more, the Silverline 2.5t model also has an ergonomic handle, allowing for one-hand functionality and simplistic, safe control.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Short Fork Pallet Pump Truck

Ideal for use in tighter areas, the Proline 2.5t Short Fork model is one of the most effective hand pump trucks when mobility is limited.

Featuring all the benefits of the standard Silverline 2.5t pump truck, the short fork version is a handy alternative that’s ideal for heavy-lifting pallet moving jobs in confined spaces.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 3 Tonne Pallet Pump Truck

Also featuring epoxy coating, ergonomic handle and one-handle operation with adjustable lowering speed, the Pfaff Proline 3t is the bigger brother of the Silverline 2.5t.

With an increased lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes, the Proline 3t pallet truck boasts specially hardened axles, chrome-plated piston rods and maintenance-free bearings for enhanced performance.


 pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 1.5 Tonne Printers Pallet Pump Truck

The Pfaff Silverline 1.5t Printers pallet truck features polyurethane load wheels and an ergonomic handle, offering 210° manoeuvrability either side like the previous models.

From a safety perspective, the pressure control can also be altered to avoid risk of overload, while the handlebar has been enhanced for additional efficiency, offering single-hand operation for ease-of-use.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Parking Brake Pallet Pump Truck

A unique addition to the Pfaff range of hand pallet trucks, this particular product is notably different to the others in the collection, chiefly for its inclusion of a parking brake.

The Parking Brake pallet pump truck is fundamentally designed for the transportation of box pallets and palletised goods on a variety of inclines, including uphill slopes, ramps and trucks.

For enhanced durability, both the frame and the forks have a robust steel construction, perfectly complementing the high-quality powder coating and reinforced axles to ensure a longer life-span.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2 Tonne Extra Wide Pallet Pump Truck

Boasting all the benefits of the standard Pfaff Silverline pallet pump trucks, the Pfaff Silverline Extra Wide model is specifically designed for larger items.

Featuring solid rubber polyurethane wheels and a broader base for wider loads, this product is perfect for lifting and shifting special pallets, making job involving brickyard or American pallets virtually effortless.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2 Tonne Weighing Pallet Pump Truck

Specifically intended for weighing and transported box pallets and palletised goods, this handy weighing pallet truck provides a means of pallet moving with the additional benefit of accurate load measurement.

Primarily intended for simple weighing applications, such as batching or filling processes, the Pfaff Silverline 2t Weighing pallet truck is factory-calibrated and capable of measuring up to 2000 kg.

Weight readings appear on a clear and easy-to-use LCD display, with measurements recorded in 1 kg increments with an impressive accuracy of 0.1 % either side of the end value.


 pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Stainless Steel Pallet Pump Truck

With a stainless-steel construction, this product is purpose-built for the food and chemical trades.

The Pfaff Proline Stainless Steel pallet truck is made from V4A-316 stainless steel. This includes the frame, bolts, connecting rods and the torsion tube, as well as the all-important hydraulic unit itself.

Meanwhile, the low-maintenance hydraulic pump also features a pressure relief valve and hard chromium-plated piston for superior performance, even in harsh environments.


For more information on Pfaff pump trucks or any of the various pallet pump trucks we have available on, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below now.

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