Here at we understand that moving heavy machinery can be a challenging and arduous task, and it's crucial you use the correct equipment or you could risk injuring yourself or the items you're attempting to transport. Lucky for you we have a great selection of Machinery Moving Skates that are specifically designed to transport heavy machinery and enable you to complete the task as quickly, as easily, and as safely possible! Each Machinery Skate Set has its own Safe Working Load (SWL) specification that must be obeyed at all times. All of our skate sets listed below have polyurethane wheels - which in short, helps prevent floor damage while the skates are in use. Each Machinery Moving Skate Sets are suitable for Heavy duty and Industrial use and are all available to Hire and Buy.

Choose from: 

8 Tonne SWL Machinery Moving Skate Set
Was £248.75, Now £238.50 
Comes with:
1x 4 Tonne Steering Unit 
2x 2 Tonne Trailing Skate
High Quality Polyurethane Wheels
1 Year Warranty 

Was £480.02, Now £406.80 
Comes with: 
1x 8 Tonne Steering Unit 
2x 4 Tonne Trailing Skate 
16 Tonne SWL 
High Quality Polyurethane Wheels 
1 Year Warranty 

Was £692.42, Now £586.80 
Comes with: 
1x 12 Tonne Steering Unit
2x 6 Tonne Trailing Skate
24 Tonne SWL 
High Quality Polyurethane Wheels 
1 Year Warranty 

Was £1,103.06, Now £934.80 
Comes with: 
1x 16 Tonne Steering Unit 
2x 8 Tonne Trailing Skate 
32 Tonne SWL
High Quality Polyurethane Wheels
1 year Warranty

For more information about our Machinery Moving Skates, view the entire range here!
News and media outlets are understandably focusing most of their attention on the result of yesterday's EU referendum right now, but that's not the only thing happening today: somewhere in Somerset, tens of thousands of people are currently celebrating the start of the 2016 Glastonbury Festival!

One member of the team is down on Worthy Farm as we're typing this, and before the music had even begun, he'd spotted a couple of our utility carts around the festival site:

These carts are perfect for the festival environment, making it easier to carry camping gear, crates of alcohol, and tired children around the site. The trip from car park to campsite is always a particularly arduous journey, but with one of our festival carts on hand, you at least won't have to lug all your gear around on your back!

Now, we've seen a few photos doing the rounds of people using prams to transport their supplies around the Glastonbury site. This may seem like an appealingly easy and cost-effective option, but just look at what happens when those prams come up against the inevitable festival mud pit:

Our festival carts, on the other hand, have heavy-duty tyres that can skate through difficult conditions like those shown above with ease.

We have festival carts available to BUY and HIRE - if you're going to any festivals this summer, make sure you don't leave without a cart! Click here to browse our full range.
Looking for a material lifter to solve all your problems and woes? This Loadsurfer Material Lifter is perfect for you! Thanks to its lightweight modern design, the Loadsurfer is incredibly agile and easy to move but even though this lifter is lightweight, it's still very safe, strong and reliable! This material lifter is really easy to set up and with its folding stabilizers, it's really easy to store! The Loadsurfer fits through a standard single door with ease, allowing you to move it from job to job and with its aluminium telescopic mast system, this material lifter can reach incredible heights!  There are 4 models to choose from 10ft, 15ft, 20ft and 25ft. The 20ft and 25ft models come with outriggers for that added stability. No matter how tall the job is, we have a material lifter for you! 
Not only do we offer great material lifters we also have a great range of handy accessories that can be used in conjunction with your material lifter to get the job done even more efficiently. These accessories include a pair of Extension Forks that provide added length to the Loadsurfer forks, providing more flexibility when lifting loads, and much more!
To offer flexibility to our customers our Loadsurfer Material lift and additional attachments are all available to hire or buy. Whether you require a permanent solution or a temporary aid, you're sure to find what you need on our website! 
For more information on our Loadsurfer Material Lift and the additional attachments, view the entire range here!  

At PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we supply double height lifting platforms, for applications that require a higher level of elevation. Each product in our range has a lift height of over a metre, making them perfect for delivering that extra bit of extension when you need it.  

Choose From:
300kg Portable Double Lifting Platform Table
350kg Portable Double Height Lifting Platform Table.
700kg Portable Double Height Lifting Platform
700kg Portable Double Height Lifting Platform Table
Both of our portable scissor lifts provide excellent ease of operation and are also easy to manoeuvre, which makes them ideal for operations which require movement from a fixed point of work. Both also have the ability to fold into a neat shape after use, which means that they can be stored away without a fuss, and can also be organised neatly, even in smaller work spaces.
Common Uses Include:
  • Work positioning and ergonomic handling
  • Load and material positioning 
  • Pallet handling
  • Moving large items of furniture and other heavy objects
To offer flexibility to our customers, both of our scissor lifts are available to hire or buy, which means that you are able to organise a payment method that works for you. Whether you require a permanent solution for regular warehouse operations, or a temporary aid for a particular application, you're sure to find what you need on our website!

For more information about our platform tables and scissor lifts, view our entire range here

Whether you work in construction, agriculture, logistics, or any other environment which commonly involves manual lifting, you are likely to be be exposed to a number of hazards, if these operations are not completed correctly. 
Lift correctly
'Lift correctly' sign from Label Source

Be it a cumulative disorder caused by continuous stress to a particular part of the body, or an accident due to the conditions of the handling; manual lifting can present a whole host of serious health and safety risks, which can be prevented if the proper steps are taken.

The Negative Effects of Manual Handling and Lifting

Manual lifting can cause a variety of injuries and irreversible health conditions, including:

  • Fractures, open wounds and other injuries.
  • Musculoskeletal system damage to the bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, serves etc.
  • Back disorders caused by bending and turning
Where do the Hazards Originate?

Incidents and strain from manual lifting can be caused by:

  • Attempting to lift objects that are too large or too heavy.
  • Lifting objects that are difficult to grasp.
  • Attempting to manoeuvre unbalanced objects.
  • Stretching for objects that are difficult to reach.
  • Strenuous lifting tasks carried out over a long period of time.
  • Lifting and handling in awkward positions.
  • Working in confined areas without adequate space.
  • Working on uneven/unstable surfaces.
  • Carrying out operations in poorly lit environments.
  • Lack of experience and training.
  • Lack of suitable protective equipment.
How Can These Dangers Be Prevented?

In order to prevent health and safety hazards caused by manual handling and lifting, employers and workers should do the following:

  • Educate - Ensure that those involved in lifting procedures are aware of the risks, and have proper training in using any required equipment.
  • Observe and Inform - Set out best practices for completing tasks, and ensure that they followed correctly.
  • Eliminate Manual Handling - Replace manual operations with suitable mechanical equipment, such as lift trucks, electric hoists and material lifts.
  • Use The Correct Devices - Match lifting tables, pallet trucks and other lifting aids to the task correctly - always pay attention to weight limits, and other important operational factors.

To discover how our selection of material handling equipment could improve the safety and efficiency of your operations, click here to view our full range.