With so many lifting and material handling products on the market, it can be difficult to select a device that provides the greatest range of benefits for your individual needs. This is particularly difficult in the case of lifting and moving, due to the fact that these operations often require a combination of equipment in order to be performed safely and efficiently.

Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com, we believe in making your operations as simple and hassle-free as possible, by providing a selection of material handling  products that have the strength and capabilities to deal with a range of applications. This is particularly true of our scissor lift range, which includes a variety of hydraulic lift carts for combining your manoeuvring, lifting and lowering operations into one simple process.

Here are just a few advantages, and reasons to order a hydraulic lift cart:

Enhanced Flexibility Across Applications 

scissor lift table
The heavy duty design of each hydraulic lift cart in our range, means that the table surface provides the perfect platform for a variety of items, without the risk of impacting functionality. The combination of fixed and swivelling wheels also provide a winning combination of both stability and manoeuvrability, ensuring that tasks are performed with both security and efficiency in mind. The lift and lowering function of these hydraulic lift carts also gives them the edge over other material handling products, by reducing the need for additional equipment once the move has been performed.

More Space & Simplified Storage

folding table lift
Each cart can be easily lowered to its compact height, making it simple to return the items to their safe storage space after use. This is further enhanced by the folding handle included on each hydraulic lift cart, which can be relieved of operation, and folded down for additional recovery of space. Both of these qualities make the carts ideal for those with a small storage area, as well as those who need to transport their equipment to carry out applications.

Multiple Ways to Pay for Your Product

order a lifting table
We realise that many of our customers are looking for best deals in terms of affordability, which plays a huge factor when deciding which equipment they should order. For this reason, each hydraulic lift cart comes with the option to hire or purchase, depending on the needs of the individual. For those who simply require the product for a limited time, or would like to test its capabilities before making a purchase, we offer the option to hire your cart, by filling in our simple quote forms.

To find a hydraulic lift cart that will improve the ease, efficiency and affordability of your operations, click here!

Carrying your garden waste or plants around your garden can be such a struggle. If only there was an easier solution... oh wait! There is! Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys we have an excellent range of utility carts that will make garden work a lot easier!

Our Garden Utility Carts are super-easy to assemble and use, and are fitted with robust wheels, so they can conquer almost any terrain. The carts are large in size, giving you plenty of room for all your garden waste or plants to fit. These carts aren't just great for garden work - these carts are incredibly helpful when it comes to transporting camping gear from the car park to the festival site.
  • Strong Steel Framework
  • Tough 600d Polyester Fabric (fully washable)
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Tyres (200mm diameter)
  • 360 Degree Swivelling Front Wheels
  • Dimensions: 900mm (L) x 540mm (W) x 650mm (H)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 70kgs 
Outdoor Utility Carts

Whether you're carrying plants around your garden or lugging your camping gear from the car park to the festival site, our outdoor utility carts can make the task at hand a whole lot easier!

Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com, we stock a superb selection of outdoor carts that are designed to cope well on challenging terrains such as grass, mud and gravel. The carts are robust, easy to assemble, and very generous in size, enabling you to transport just about anything you'd care to name.
Our outdoor utility carts are available to buy or hire - click here to browse our full range.


Product Spotlight: Utility Cart with Detachable Sides

  • Available with pneumatic or solid tyres
  • Load basket measures 1.23 x 0.61 metres
  • 300kg weight load limit
  • Each side can be detached and folded down
  • Long pulling handle with D-shaped steel handle
Warehouses can be busy and hazardous environments, which makes it our aim to deliver products that not only make your operations more efficient, but also provide an enhanced level of safety and security when handling and moving the items being stored.
To give you a better idea of the range of products we supply for warehouse operations, here are just a few examples of the equipment we provide:
pallet trucks
As you may have guessed from our company name, we provide a huge range of pallet trucks to purchase or hire, which are suitable for a wide variety of warehouse demands. These range from standard pallet trucks with an easy steering, durable design, to a selection of specialist options with enhanced features. These include electric pallet trucks, which eliminate the effort of manual handling, to specially designed models such as our high lift or extra long trucks, which have additional features to cope with specific demands.
lifting stackers
If you require the ability to lift and manoeuvre large loads on pallets, then our selection of material lifts is ideal for finding the best fit for your operational needs. Along with a great selection on heavy duty manual stackers, which can be operated manually via a hydraulic system, we also stock a variety of electric and semi-electric options. These range from a traditional electric stacker, to our impressive self lift stacker truck, which is able to perform the functions of many load-moving and lifting solutions, all in one product!
For those who are looking for a more simple and affordable option, as well as specially designed equipment to move awkwardly shaped items, our trolley selection is ideal!  Along with standard site trolleys with a choice of wheel types, we also provide trolleys that are easy to store once your operation has been completed, thanks to their folding/collapsible designs. For those who require a trolley which can help to move long, wide and awkwardly shaped items, we supply plasterboard and pipe trolleys, which would be ideal for a facility storing building and DIY materials.
Head to our homepage to browse the many other products we offer, or if you're interested in more items to compliment your warehouse handling equipment, why not check out our warehouse storage range?
Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we provide a wide range of moving solutions, which are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your operation. Whether you need a one-time solution for a home move, or a more permanent, heavy-duty device for use in a workshop or similar environment, we are sure to supply a product to meet your needs. In addition to the variety of options we offer in our moving equipment selection, we are also able to offer the ability to hire or purchase your selection, making it adaptable to your budget and time requirements.
Here are just a few of the items we offer in our moving equipment range:
furniture mover set
This pair of manual furniture moving devices are ideal for a variety of moving operations, providing a robust solution for handling and manoeuvring heavy items with ease and efficiency. The set can be operated by one person, and can be easily turned in any direction for flexibility, even in narrow areas. The movers also come with tough polyurethane wheels, which minimise damage to floors.
machine moving skates
This set is designed for heavy duty, industrial use, making it ideal for moving heavy items of machinery in both domestic and commercial sectors. Whether you're looking for a safe and easy-to-use solution for your home workshop, or you have a business that involves moving large, awkward equipment and components, this skate set is sure to meet your needs.
moving skate
As well as our skate sets, we also provide a selection of movable skates to be used in combination with a pinch bar. These skates are a simple, and easy to use solution for moving heavy items, with the ability to support load weights of up to 6 tonnes. The industrial bearings used in these skates spread the load, and facilitate smooth movement for efficient transportation.
caterpillar moving skates
For moving very heavy items, these caterpillar skates are an ideal option, complete with stabilising plates to keep your items in place with performing moving operations. This set is designed for moving highly weighty loads across firm floors, with an easy handling system that ensures ease of operation for the user. For those who require a long-term moving solution, this set also comes complete with a metal case for convenient storage.
wheeled lifting bar
This product is designed for use by professional  load movers, but can also provide the ideal solution for a one-off moving operation. It has a simple design, and is also incredible easy to use, with a long handle which means that a lift can be performed with only a small amount of pressure. The small toe plate also means that this bar can fit into small spaces, making it a great choice for moving items that are low to the ground. 
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