Are you looking for a forklift attachment that will enable you to lift loads that are not accessible via a fork? Then the attachment you're looking for is a Forklift Lifting Hook! These Forklift Lifting Hook Attachments slide on to your fork blades easily; and will enable you to lift and position unpalleted loads, quickly and safely. These can be positioned anywhere along the fork blade, allowing you to have multiple lifting points to lift loads from 2000kg - 5000kg.

A fork lifting hook simply fits onto the forks of your forklift and can then be used as an effective way of hanging a load. This can be used in a wide range of lifting and moving applications. 

Here are some of the Forklift Lifting Hook Attachments we have in our range:
Capacity: 3000kg
Adaptor beam with a swivel hook 
Weight: 24kg
Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to the forklift truck 
Capacity: 2000kg
Equipped with single swivel hook & bow shackle
Weight: 39kg 
2 fixed lifting points along the fork blade
Our fork lifting hooks are all made to the highest standard. They are available to buy or hire so even if you don't need a fork lifting hook attachment for a long period of time we can accommodate your project. To inquire about hiring an attachment click 'Hire Me' button on the product page - we can provide you with a price depending on what you need and how long you need it for. 
Click below to view our full range of Fork Truck Attachments. If you have any questions about our forklift lifting hook attachments or about any of the other products we supply then we are more than happy to help. Feel free to ask our experts for some advice, contact us today
Heavy Load Moving Skates

Moving exceptionally heavy loads can be a tricky task, not to mention a potentially dangerous one. If you attempt to move a weighty item without the proper equipment, you may end up injuring yourself in any number of different ways - the strain on your body could result in a lifelong musculoskeletal disorder, or (in the worst-case scenario) the load might tip over and land on top of you.

Fortunately, we at stock plenty of heavy-duty load moving products that are well-suited to shifting large, unwieldy items. These include:

  • Machinery Moving Skates - These ultra-sturdy skate sets feature robust polyurethane wheels that glide smoothly along the floor even when they're supporting a piece of equipment that weighs several tonnes. The skates are cleverly designed to spread the load evenly for optimum stability - simply use a roller crow bar to lift up the load in question and slide the skates underneath. Many of our skate sets come with handy steering bars included. Weight capacity ranges from 2 to 100 tonnes.

  • Caterpillar Skates - These skates are made of steel, giving you a superbly hard-wearing solution for transporting heavy goods across firm floor surfaces. Weight capacity ranges from 20 to 60 tonnes, and each caterpillar skate set comes with its own draw bar included.

All of these items are available to buy from our online store, and most are also available to hire from any of our depots across the UK. If you need a bespoke load moving solution that goes beyond the items sold on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirements.
Warehouses and stockroom facilities require the use of adequate moving solutions in order to operate efficiently, which is why we stock an excellent variety of warehouse carts and trolleys here at! This range includes a selection of equipment that is designed to cater to specific demands and operational limits,  allowing you to choose an item that fits your needs perfectly.
Here's a closer look at just some of the items in our collection:
We offer a variety of highly portable solutions as part of our cart selection, which includes models with detachable sides, as well as those which fold down easily for convenient storage. We also offer a choice of wheel/tyre options, depending on the environment in which the cart is being used.
site trolley
Unlike our warehouse carts, our trolleys consist solely of a platform and handle, making them ideal for quick and convenient loading/unloading . We have a variety of trolley options to choose from, whether you require a more heavy duty model, or a handling device that folds down easily for convenient storage when not in use.
pipe moving cart
Awkwardly shaped items can be particularly difficult to move, which is why we offer a range of warehouse carts and trolleys that are designed with specifications of particular items in mind. This includes carts for long, cylindrical objects such pipes and carpet rolls, as well as trolleys for drywall sheets. 

To view our full selection of warehouse carts and trolleys, click here.

When it comes to choosing between an electric powered pallet truck and a manual pallet truck, it may seem like the easy answer is the electric option. However, to choose between these two options is actually harder than it seems, as it depends on what exactly you need your pallet truck for. There are pros and cons to both options, so we've put together this handy list for you to help make your decision. 

Electric Powered Pallet Truck

1.5 Tonne Electic Hand Pallet Truck 540mm x 1150mm
Electric Powered Pallet Trucks do all of the hard work of a manual pallet truck, but without the hard work on your part. In fact, some of the larger electric powered pallet trucks are big enough to allow you to stand on the machine with the pallets, meaning your electric powered pallet truck can whiz you around the warehouse with it. 


  • They are easier for the operator to control and are less likely to cause any strain related injuries. 
  • Electric powered pallet trucks allow workers to move around the workplace at a quicker pace, saving the company time.
  • Operating an electric powered pallet truck is less tiring than operating a manual pallet truck and so, requires a smaller amount of breaks as it is less strenuous. 


  • Operating an electric powered pallet truck requires more training than its manual counterpart. 
  • Electric powered pallet trucks tend to suffer more maintenance issues and cost more to buy initially. However, as the electric powered pallet truck increases the efficiency of the workplace, this can help you gain your money back. 

Manual Pallet Truck

2500kg Hand Pallet Pallet Pump Truck 540 x 1150mm

Manual pallet trucks are usually readily available in any warehouse environment, due to their durable and sustainable nature. Perfect for lifting, lowering or steering pallets, manual pallet trucks have been an essential item for years. 


  • Manual pallet trucks are traditionally cheaper to buy than electric powered pallet trucks. 
  • They are very versatile and can handle all kinds of pallets.
  • They are usually less maintenance and easier to repair than electric powered pallet trucks. 
  • They are known to be highly reliable and durable. 


  • They are more strenuous to use and can cause more injuries.
  • Manual pallet trucks are harder to operate due to their manual aspect. 
Hopefully this round-up of electric powered pallet trucks vs manual pallet trucks pros and cons is enough to convince you on your decision, but if not, feel free to browse our collection of pallet trucks by clicking here or contact us to find out more!


Looking for material handling and lifting equipment in London? Wherever you're based in or around the city, we can provide a fast and efficient equipment hire service to you, with great product quality and competitive rates! Whether you're a logistics business looking for pallet trucks and material lifts, or a construction firm in need of some reliable site lifting equipment, we can provide you with a fantastic variety of items to suit all sorts of operations! 
Why choose when hiring equipment in London? 
pallet trucks equipment hire
We're a dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive products of the very highest quality, that are well-designed, easy-to-use and most importantly, safe! Thanks to the fact that we are an independent company, we also have the freedom and flexibility to offer a wide selection on products from well-known manufacturers, as well as our own range of specially designed equipment. To find out more about the range of benefits that come with ordering with us, click here.
A Fast and Efficient Service From Quote to Delivery!
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Our ability to offer rapid and hassle-free equipment hire in London is made even better by the fact that we have two depots, covering the East and West! This means that we can offer services from your nearest location, allowing your items to reach you as quickly as possible! We even have our own delivery vehicles, so if you're in a rush to receive your products, we can get it to you on the very same day!

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