For the green fingers of the world, there's nothing more enjoyable or therapeutic than a bit of gardening on a beautiful summers day. However, moving all of the weeds and debris from the latest gardening expedition can be a tiring part of the job. This is where an Outdoor Trolley Cart is a fantastic option for solving this problem!

Our featured product to help you with this issue is our 300kg Camping & Gardening Outdoor Trolley Cart. Durable and long-lasting, this outdoor trolley cart will help you shift up to 300kg of debris in one go. Its yellow colouring is also easy on the eye and perfect for the summertime. Gardening isn't the only thing this outdoor trolley cart is good for either! If you're planning on a camping trip this summer-time, this fantastic outdoor trolley cart can help you get all of your camping kit from A to B without the slightest struggle.

If you need any more persuasion as to why you need this cart, the sides are also detachable making it easier to take this outdoor trolley cart with you wherever you need it. It also comes flat packed when it is delivered, meaning some assembly is required. To help you with this, we have even put together this handy video on outdoor trolley cart assembly just for you.

Not only is this 300kg Camping & Gardening Outdoor Trolley Cart good for gardening, camping and travelling, it is also super quick and easy to assemble! With the summer weather and festivals coming up, there's no better time to pick up one of these versatile and reliable outdoor trolley carts to prepare yourself for the months to come. 

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Well, we're well into spring now, and the weather is starting to perk up a bit - which means now is the perfect time to tend to your gardens before the weather inevitably takes a turn for the worse, and your chance goes passing by. If you're thinking of doing some garden work in the next coming weeks, we have a terrific selection of Garden Carts & Wagons that will help with any garden task. 

If you're in need of something to transport your plant pots and flowers; or your garden waste bag has become too heavy to move - our Garden Carts and Wagons are perfect for you! Each of our carts is strong, durable and incredibly versatile; and are able to take on any garden task with ease. They're fitted with robust wheels, allowing them to conquer any terrain and have a max loading capacity of 300kg. They're truly a gardener's best friend!

Our range of Garden Carts and Wagons include: 

300kg Garden & Camping Utility Cart 

- Max Loading Capacity: 300kg

- 4 Detachable hinged sides 

- D-style handle grip 

- Available with pneumatic or solid wheels 

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Are you looking for a truck that will lift and move pallet efficiently and safely? If so, sounds like you could do with one of our Pallet Stacker Trucks. Our pallet stacker trucks are high-quality and will ensure the task is completed safely and efficiently. We have a brilliant selection of pallet stacker trucks, and we're confident you'll be able to find a truck to meet your requirements, no matter what they may be. Our range of pallet stacker trucks include:

Manual Stacker Trucks: these trucks are made of heavy-duty steel and are compact in size - making it ideal to use in cramped and narrow spaces. The lifting function is controlled by a set of hand and foot controls.

Automatic Stacker Trucks: Our automatic stacker trucks make deliveries and collections quicker and simpler.  Most of the stacker's functions are fully automated and it's easy to transport.

Semi-Electric Stacker Truck: Are designed to easily load and load a whole selection of heavy items securely and conveniently. It's easy to charge and adjust, and will make the perfect addition to your material handling equipment.

Powered Electric Stacker Truck: If you're looking for a stacker truck that's both functional and adaptable. This Electric Stacker Truck can perform a number of tasks with ease. It features a built in charger and powerful battery, and is ideal choice if you're looking for a reliable moving solution.

If you still have doubts over our stacker trucks and not sure whether or not to purchase one, we have some news that may change your mind! All of our Pallet Stacker Tracks are now SALE! So no there are no excuses to purchase or hire one of our stacker trucks today! To view our range of pallet stacker trucks, please click here.

Because we know how difficulty load handling operations can quite be without the right equipment, here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys we stock a wide selection of portable material lifts to aid you with your lifting operations. Our robust yet lightweight material lifts are of the highest quality, and they're sure to make your lifting operations a breeze from now on.

Here's a quick look at the portable material lifts we have to buy or hire:

Loadsurfer Portable Material Lifts

Loadsurfer Portable Material Lifts

Available heights: 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft

Lightweight with a modern design, these portable material lifts in different heights are perfect for a diverse range of lifting operations. One portable material lift easily fits through a standard single door and is very simple to set up. 

This portable material lift is also available to hire if you think you will only need it the once. To request a quote for hiring this item, simply click 'hire me' on the product page and then click 'enquire' when you get to the checkout. Our team will then work to get a quote to you as soon as possible. 

Lightweight Mini Portable Material Lift

TORO3000-A Lightweight Mini Portable Material Lift

125kg capacity // 3mtr maximum height

Looking for a portable material lift that's compact as well as portable? This miniature material lift is lightweight and easy to transport from A to B. The forks are also fully removable, meaning that this portable material lift becomes even more compact when being transported or placed in storage. 


TORO D-404 Portable Material Lift

TORO D-404 Portable Material Lift

400kg capacity // 5.04mtr lift height

This high-quality industrial material lift is designed to raise loads as heavy as 400kg to a maximum height of 5.04 meters. Strong yet still lightweight, the TORO D-404 portable material lift comes with an automatic braking system, which means that this equipment will hold your loads in place if you let go of the winch.

Most parts of this portable material lift are fully adjustable, meaning that even the wheels can be adjusted into 3 different positions. The TORO D-404 lift is also available to hire, so if your requirements are more short-term, you can request a hire quote today. 

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pallet stacker equipment

If you need a reliable solution that will improve the efficiency of your pallet lifting and moving operations, then our pallet stacker selection is ideal! Here at we have a great variety of pallet stacking devices, which are available to buy or hire, depending on your requirements. 

Here's a closer look at some of the trucks and lifts that we have available in our pallet stacker range:

Manual Stacker Trucks 

manual pallet stacker

This is a reliable and cost-effective option for your pallet moving operations, with a simple lifting function that is operated by a set of hand and foot controls. The compact size of these lifts mean that they can be used even in small areas where space is limited, while the heavy-duty steel construction makes them ideal for moving heavy items.

Semi Electric Stacker Trucks 

semi electric pallet stacker

This stacker is designed to improve the efficiency of lifting and loading operations, while also offering great variety of operational specifications, thanks to the adjustable base legs which allow space for a variety of loads.

Self Lifting Pallet Stacker

This is a great multi-use product, which allows you to enhance the number of applications that you are able to perform, thereby reducing the need for multiple devices. In addition to its ability to lift and load with ease, this pallet stacker is also incredibly easy to transport, thanks to its ability to load itself onto your vehicle.

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