steerable machinery skates

Moving heavy machinery is no easy task! As you can image, most machines are rather heavy, and moving them can be a real challenge. It's very important to use the correct equipment when moving machinery, as not only do you risk injuring yourself, you also risk the machine you're moving.

Our range of Steerable Machinery Skates has been designed to transport heavy machinery without any issues. So, if you're looking to transport machinery swiftly, effortlessly and as safely as possible - look no further than our machinery skates!

The SWL (Safe Working Load) of each of our machinery skate sets must be obeyed at all times. So for example, if you need to move a load weighing 6 tonnes, you should use a skate set that has a SWL of 6 tonnes or more to transport your load. All of our steerable machinery skates feature polyurethane wheels that help prevent floor damage, and each skate set is suitable for heavy industrial use, and is available for hire and to buy.

Here are some of the Steerable Machinery Skates we have available:


8 Tonnes SWL Machinery Skate Set

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32 Tonnes SWL Machinery Skate Set

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Steerman 60,000KG Capacity Skate Set

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Our equipment is available to buy or hire, so if you only need your steerable machinery skates for a short period we can accommodate this! All of our steerable machinery skates are made to the highest standard so that you can rely on them time and time again. They're ideal for movers or stores that have to move heavy goods round frequently. 

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If you have any questions about our range of steerable machinery skates or any of the other products we supply we are more than happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with our helpful team of experts. Contact us today. To view our full range of Load Moving Equipment, click here!

Folding Platform Trolley

When it comes to moving goods quickly and easily, a folding platform trolley is often the perfect solution.

Folding platform trolleys (available to buy here) have numerous advantages, and we'd like to take a look at some of them today.

The benefits of using a folding platform trolley

  • Firstly, a folding platform trolley can increase efficiency in the workplace when compared to moving loads by hand. The trolley makes it quick and easy to transport items from A to B, saving time and saving your employees energy in the process. Manual lifting and carrying is a tiring - and sometimes dangerous - process that can be easily avoided with the purchase of a folding platform trolley.
  • Another benefit of a folding platform trolley is that, unlike a standard platform trolley, it can be folded away and stored conveniently. This is especially advantageous in small warehouses and workplaces where space is at a premium. It also avoids the health and safety risks that can arise from leaving a trolley in the middle of a thoroughfare or exit route.
  • Folding platform trolleys are made with high-quality but lightweight materials, making them exceptionally easy to manoeuvre. Since they're light and easy to store, they are also incredibly portable!

*Prices correct at time of writing. Stated prices include VAT.

Do you need a folding platform trolley?

Many different workplaces could benefit from the addition of a folding platform trolley, but they are especially helpful in working environments such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Garden centres
  • Large retail stores

Still, whatever your working environment, it is likely that a folding platform trolley will come in handy at some point. They can be used to move goods around a warehouse without the worry that you will drop or damage the items you are moving. The trolleys can also be used when moving to a new office, or even when rearranging things at home.

The size and weight capacity of our folding platform trolleys are more than sufficient to handle moving items such as laptops, computers, coffee machines, etc. from room to room.

Have we convinced you of all of the advantages of these useful little trolleys? Click here to browse our full range of platform trolleys and buy yours online.

Moving Skates Hire Service


Our moving skates hire service can make the world of difference if you’re looking to move heavy equipment over a firm surface. Less strain and increased efficiency. 


You don’t want to put yourself or others at risk whilst transporting heavy goods, and you also don’t want to damage the goods while you attempt to move them – that’s why our moving skates hire service is for you!

moving skates hire

(20 Tonne SWL Caterpillar Machinery Moving Skate Set

– Moving Skates included as part of rental service)

Our moving skates hire service allows you to easily maneuver heavy objects quickly and safely. Ensuring the safety of the person carrying out the task, and the security of the item. They really are the difference between this task being a major inconvenience or a quick and easy job!

We offer the moving skates hire service so you don’t have to permanently purchase moving skates when you only require them for a one-off job.

It may be the case that you don’t have to move heavy objects frequently, in which can you’ll be interested in our moving skates hire service. Our moving skates hire service allows you to hire various skates for however long you believe the task will take.


  moving skates

We have a range of moving skates that are available for buying or hiring, which is indicated by the "Buy Now | Hire Me" button which is found underneath the product pictures.

What equipment is available in the moving skates hire service? 

Our range of moving skates sets for hire carry loads from 8 tonnes to 100,000 kg, each has its own safe working load (SWL) so it's easy for you to pick the one that fits your requirements. Have a look at our range of machinery moving skates with polyurethane wheels! Our moving skate hire service is designed for you to be able to access the most useful skates for the job at hand. We also supply a range of caterpillar steel roller skates that are perfect for moving extremely heavy goods, so if you have a heavy-duty task, these are your best option!

All of our skate sets have superior stability and handling, as well as being extremely robust. To use our moving skate hire, simply select the correct product and click ‘hire me’ to add them to your shopping basket. Following this, you can fill out a hire request form, which a member of the team will review. Then the team will contact you quickly with a hire quotation.

If you need any help selecting the right moving skates to hire, or for any other products we sell, we will happily advise you! Just give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.


Here at PalleTruck-Trolleys, we stock a range of our high-quality Loadsurfer material handling equipment, suitable for a variety of operations. From Mini-Pump Trucks to 1 Tonne Electric Stacker trucks, we have products in our LoadSurfer range that will suit everyone. 

In our blog post today we're taking a look at the LoadSurfer products we have ready for you to buy or hire. 

Loadsurfer Mini Pump Truck

Loadsurfer 2500kg Mini Pump Truck

This Loadsurfer 2500kg Mini Pump Truck is the perfect piece of equipment to transfer pallets from A to B wherever you are working. It is sturdy, robust, easy to use and manoeuvre. As it can lift up to 2500kg, it is also suitable for a range of heavy duty operations too. 

 Tube and Pipe Trolley

Loadsurfer 500kg Tube and Pipe Trolley

If you're looking for something to transport your pipes and tubes around the warehouse easily, this Loadsurfer 500kg Tube and Pipe Trolley can do the job for you. Capable of carrying pipes up to 6 meters long and a variety of different weights, this tube and pipe trolley is sure to come in handy. 

Loadsurfer Material Lifter

Loadsurfer Material Lifter

When transporting materials to different heights, our Loadsurfer Material Lifter is a strong and reliable piece of equipment to get the job done. It easily fits through a single door so can be used in warehouses or smaller retail environments. Quick and simple to set up, this material lifter also comes with folding stabilizers to increase the transportability. 



Loadsurfer Semi Electric Stacker

Loadsurfer 1 Tonne Semi Electric Stacker

Semi-electric, this 1 tonne Loadsurfer stacker allows you to easily load and unload heavy goods. It can reach up to a lifting height of 3000mm and can carry up to 1 tonne of material. If necessary, the adjustable forks can also be lowered to a minimum height of 55mm to reach below lower pallets.  

 Loadsurfer Electric Stacker Truck

Loadsurfer 1 Tonne Electric Stacker Truck

Economic and fully powered, this Loadsurfer electric stacker truck with a built in charger is a heavy duty piece of equipment for lifting pallets to a maximum of 2840mm. As it is fully electric, this stacker truck will do all the legwork for you and has an automatic lift cut-off function which helps maintain a higher battery life. 

If you'd like to browse our full range of Loadsurfer Equipment, just click here. Or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch or call us on 080 123 69 69. 

If you have a job in which you constantly have to lift and lower heavy goods a Portable Lift Table may be exactly what you need! Ideal for warehouses, our tables can elevate past a meter and our collection of lift tables carry loads ranging between 150kg to 1000kg.

portable lift table

It’s very important that you choose the right portable lift table determined by the weight and height required for your project, so be sure of the weight capacity before you buy.

To browse through our range of portable lift tables click here.

A portable lift table allows you to move goods and lift them with one convenient solution. Although we supply heavy-duty platform tables, they are surprisingly light, so that you can manoeuvre them around the room with ease – a perfect combination when working with heavy loads! The mobile lift table is operated via hand-operated lowering control and hydraulic lifting. 


mobile table lift

Our portable lift tables also extend and retract neatly so they are easily stored away, which is important in a busy warehouse environment.

Depending on what projects you have, you can choose whether to buy or rent a portable lift table from – if you need any advice from us regarding what equipment you need to hire or buy give us a ring on 0808 123 69 69. We are more than happy to help!