load restraint guide

The most important thing about transporting loads is to ensure all items are safely secured during transit. This is to make sure that nothing will come loose during transportation, which could put you and other road users in danger.

You must make sure to adhere to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency’s load securing guidance, which you can view here:

DVSA's Load Securing Vehicle Operator Guidance

We supply a wide range of lashing and load security items that allow you to properly secure your loads down. All of our products are all made to industrial standards, so be assured that they are all of the highest-quality. We supply a range of binders, hooks, straps, ropes and more – click here to view our full collection.

Here’s a quick guide on some of the load restraint products we supply:

Ratchet Lashings

ratchet lashings
Ratchet lashings are great for securing loads as they are highly durable and hard-wearing. Suitable for a range of applications from rigging operations to load-moving, ratchet lashings should get the job done. We supply a range of ratchet lashings so be sure to check the length and weight limit to ensure they suit your requirements.

Load Binder, Hooks and Chains

hooks and chains
Great for heavy duty securing, each of our ratchet load binders are made from drop steel which is heat treated, making them incredibly strong and durable. Be sure to order hooks and chains that are compatible by reading the product descriptions carefully. 

Polypropylene Rope

polypropylene rope
If you’re transporting goods by road this heavy duty rope will definitely help to lock things down. The polypropylene material makes it extremely sturdy and versatile which makes it a fantastic restraint. We have various different lengths of this rope so make sure you know how much you need before purchasing.


If you want any further advice on what kind of product you need to secure your loads down then be sure to get in touch with our expert team. For that, or any other query call us on, 0808 123 69 69.

What is a Pallet Truck used for?

It’s no secret that we know a thing or two about pallet trucks - we are Palletrucks-Trolleys after all. But just because we are experts doesn’t mean that everyone knows what a pallet truck is used for. That’s exactly why we’ve created this blog post, so you can find out what is a pallet truck used for too! 

So, What is a Pallet Truck Used For?

A pallet truck, which may also be called a pallet jack or a pallet pump is the most basic form of forklift available. They are designed to lift and move pallets and palletised loads, making someone’s job a lot easier. Best suited within a warehouse environment, pallet trucks will actually save you time and effort as they make a task that would take multiple people, a one-man job. This effectively makes everything run a lot smoother!

Pallet trucks are best used for relatively short distances and each pallet truck will have its own weight capacity. It’s important not to overload this weight capacity as pallet trucks are designed to be controlled smoothly and easily, and this can be affected by excess weight.

What Pallet Truck Should I Get? 

Luckily, we supply a range of pallet trucks so no matter how heavy your pallets are, we should have the perfect product for you. If you would like to see our full range of pallet trucks click here. Some of the other pallet trucks we specialise in are below:

Mini Pallet Trucks

mini pallet truck
If you’re looking for a compact pallet truck that is both strong and cost effective, our mini trucks are for you! They have shorter forks which are ideal for smaller loads and pallets.

Wide Pallet Trucks

wide pallet truck
Some goods will be exceptionally wide, which is exactly why we have a pallet truck that can accommodate this need! A wider pallet truck is just as efficient as the smaller trucks and will make moving wide loads a lot easier.

Electric Pallet Truck

electric pallet truck
If you have a particularly heavy load to lift and move (up to 1.5 tonne), then an electric/powered pallet truck eliminates almost all of the manual effort that is required for the job! Easier to load and move, electric pallet trucks can be used to make a lifting job a lot quicker.

If you want to learn more about what a pallet truck is used for, or what more information on what one would be best for you then feel free to give our friendly team a call on, 0808 123 69 69.

In most warehouses, tucked away in the corner or hidden behind a stack of pallets, you will find a good old Pallet Truck. Pallet Trucks have become an essential item in most warehouses which require the movement of loads frequently. But which pallet truck is best for your warehouse? 

We've broken down the best Pallet Trucks for big and small warehouses for you. Take a look here. 

Small Warehouses


Mini Pallet Trucks

These small pallet trucks are ideal for smaller warehouses and storage rooms as they can easily be transported through narrow aisles and rooms. Capable of lifting up to 1500kg, these are one of the best pallet trucks for small warehouses. As they are so small, they can also be operated by one person easily and even by those who have no prior experience with pallet trucks. 


Large Warehouses


Wide Pallet Trucks

Wide Pallet Trucks for warehouses work perfectly when a lot of items need to be moved from A to B. Their wide forks can carry bigger loads (up to 2500kg) and will fit better in wider aisles and rooms. Though they can carry more weight, they are still as easily maneuverable as the smaller pallet trucks for warehouses and can still be operated by just one person.

Extra Long Hand Pallet Trucks

Similar to wide pallet trucks, these extra long hand pallet trucks are ideal for moving larger loads across the warehouse. However, as this longer pallet truck is narrower, it is ideal an ideal pallet truck for warehouses with slightly smaller aisle sizes. These extra long hand pallet trucks can move items like furniture and office equipment with ease, due to the size of the forks. 

We hope this blog has displayed the variety of pallet trucks for warehouses available to you! Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys we also have electric pallet trucks and rough terrain pallet trucks, meaning there is a pallet truck for every environment. Browse them here!

With so many different varieties of lifting equipment available, have you ever wondered whether your company should get a pallet jack or a forklift? Both are trusty and reliable pieces of equipment which will help you get the job done, but what are the pros and cons of both? 

Today we're comparing Pallet Jacks vs Forklifts and taking a look at who comes out on top. 

The Pallet Jack Pros and Cons


Though this humble pallet jack may not look like much, it can provide multiple benefits and increase efficiency in any warehouse. 

  • The Pallet Jacks in our range can transport loads up to a large 5000kg
  • They are very durable. Most Pallet Jacks in our range also come with a 12-month warranty too. 
  • They can be operated easily by one person. 
  • The handle makes them easy to maneuver
  • They have polyurethane tires which make them exceptionally hard wearing
  • Electric pallet jacks are also available, which makes transporting items easier. 
  • Pallet Jacks tend to cost less than Forklifts. 


  • Pallet jacks do not typically have as much lifting power as a forklift.
  • They are mainly manual, meaning they may not be able to transport goods as far.
  • They cannot lift loads to the same height as a forklift. 

Forklift Pros and Cons

Forklifts are fantastic pieces of equipment for lifting heavy materials to a height. 


  • Typically the Forklift can lift more weight than a Pallet Jack. 
  • Forklifts can lift items like bulk bags and drums with different forklift attachments
  • Forklifts can even be fitted with a platform to lift workers. 
  • They are mostly electric which takes less man power than manual. 


  • Forklifts tend to cost more than Pallet Jacks due to their electrical nature.
  • Forklifts require much more space for storage, whereas a Pallet Jack can be easily folded away. 
  • It requires more maintenance than a manual pallet jack.


To help make your decision, you can find out more about our Pallet Jacks and Forklift Attachments here. We hope this breakdown of Pallet Jacks vs Forklifts helped you! If you need any advice, feel free to contact us on 0808 123 69 69. 

anti slip ladder

Working with ladders can be a tricky business, often associated with dangerous tasks, it’s very important you take all the safety precautions necessary. There are over 6,000 deaths and 30,000 injuries caused by falling off ladders a year. Which is exactly why it’s important to take all the care you can.

One safety measure you can take is investing in a ladder that offers extra protection for the user. That’s why at Palletruck-trolleys we fully recommend our Anti Slip Ladders.
Our Heavy Duty Anti slip ladders are designed with large feet and treads with make them slip-resistant. This provides the ladder with added grip and extra security, which makes for a much safer ladder!

We offer two different anti slip ladders to ensure that you can have added stability whether you are in need of a shorter or taller ladder. Read more about each anti slip ladder below:

Steel Foldable 2 Step Ladder with Non-Slip Tread

2 step ladder

This steel 2 step ladder is perfect for gaining a bit of height whether you are at the workshop, office or home. Easy to transport and store, its lightweight design makes it an idea ladder to keep handy. Feel more stable and safe thanks to the large slip-resistant feet and anti-slip treads.


Steel Foldable 4 Step Ladder with Non-Slip Tread 

4 step ladder

If something is out of your reach, this steel 4 step ladder is perfect to get the job done quickly and safely. The slip-resistant feet and anti-slip treads mean that you’ll have added stability when carrying out any job.


If you have any other questions about what equipment you may need, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is happy to discuss any query you may have so give us a call on, 0808 123 69 69.