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Material handling equipment is the machinery used for the transportation, storage and control of goods. The mechanical equipment used makes what would be a difficult job for someone, one that can be completed with ease.  Material handling equipment doesn't just allow you to complete jobs faster, it also allows you to complete jobs without the risk of injuring yourself.

As you can imagine, that covers a huge range of different equipment and we supply diverse types of material handling equipment to accommodate various tasks. To view our full range of material handling equipment, click here. To learn more about the different types of material handling equipment we supply, keep reading. 

Pallet Trucks

Made for transporting palleted loads around the warehouse and other spaces.

Sack Trolleys

Trolleys are easy to work with and sturdy enough to make moving jobs much faster. 

Material Lifts

Need to lift heavy goods? A material lift drastically changes the difficulty of this task. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

Portable Lifting Platforms

If you need to raise the height of goods or equipment, a portable lifting platform can be of help. Hand and foot operated for quick control.

Outdoor Carts

Whatever you need moving on an outside terrain, an outdoor cart is a great help. Save yourself multiple trips with this cart. 

Furniture Moving Equipment

Moving house? Rearranging furniture? Don't risk injuring yourself lifting heavy furniture, that's what furniture lifting equipment is for!

Platform Trolleys

Compact and lightweight, platform trolleys allow you to move lots of heavy goods with ease.

Manual Stackers

These heavy-duty machines allow for you to stack heavy goods without ever breaking a sweat. Control lifting easily with hand and foot controls.

Moving Skates

Skates allow you to move heavy machinery around with ease. Don't risk damage to yourself or the equipment you are trying to move. 


Each of our types of material lifting equipment has its own height and weight limit. Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully before buying or hiring any material handling goods to make sure it fits your requirements. 

If you have any questions about the types of material handling equipment we supply, or any of our other products feel free to get in touch. Our expert team is happy to help you find whatever you need, so give us a call on 0808 123 69 69.

Cabel Drum Manual Handling

A Birmingham company has been fined £170,000 after an employee narrowly avoided death when a one and a half tonne cable drum and rolled over him. The employee suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and temporarily lost sight and spent eight days in the hospital after the accident. 

The accident happened when the employee attempted to move a drum filled with a 'significant' amount of cable from a weighing scale to a ramp. He was unable to push the drum and so attempted to pull it. This caused his foot to become stuck and the employee fell backward as the drum rolled down the ramp, causing severe crush injuries. Luckily, there was a cap which the employees head passed through, only just avoiding a fatality. 

It was said that the company in question had carried out this unsafe system of working for around seven years. The prosecutor stated that the company should have had a system in place which removed this type of manual handling from the job. He believed it was an 'accident waiting to happen'. The judge agreed and believed that the employee had been given a 'substantial weight to manipulate'. 

Manual handling of this sort should have the right equipment and procedures in place to avoid this type of accident occurring and hefty fines. Handling of substantial weight such as this may require drum handling equipment to move it safely and efficiently. 

One of our main aims here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys is to make every working environment as safe and efficient as possible. From manual handling equipment to lifting gear, we have plenty of items which will make your warehouse a safer workplace for everyone. It's never worth putting your employee's safety at risk!

If you need any manual handling equipment, we stock plenty of different equipment here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys. You can get in touch with us here or give us a call on 0808 123 69 69 for any enquires. 

Forklift accessories can be used in conjunction with a forklift truck to extend its functionality. A forklift truck is, of course, a very functional and versatile machine, but with our accessories you can make it so much more useful, for example, you can add our forklift extensions to enable it to tilt, crane, pull, push, hoist a platform, etc

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we supply a wide range of forklift accessories to ensure you can find the one that best suits your requirements, to see our full range of attachments click here. Whatever the job at hand is, we aim to have something that fits the bill. All of our forklift attachments are made to the highest quality so that you can be sure of their performance time after time.  

All of our forklift accessories are available both to buy and to hire so that you can have it for the amount of time you need it for - here's a quick look at some of the attachments we offer: 

  • Forklift Extensions - Perfect if you need to add a little extra reach to your forklift.
  • Drum Handling Equipment - A range of accessories to aid with lifting and tilting large drums.
  • Forklift Tipping Skip - Simplifies the holding, movement and disposal of materials via forklift truck.
  • Forklift Access Platform - Provides a safe environment for working at height (e.g. for maintenance and inspections).
  • Bulk Bag Carrier - Designed to safely move sacks, ballast and similar items.  
  • Battery Lifting Beam - Designed for the safe and easy removal of battery boxes.
  • Bottom Empty Skips - These skips come with a bottom-empty function that allows you to dump waste/refuse without leaving the driver's cabin.


If you need any advice about which forklift accessories best suit your requirements, our helpful team of experts are always happy to help. Give a call on, 0808 123 69 69. 

Right now we have an exciting forklift attachment sale! To see our full range of forklift attachments, click here. Everyone loves to grab a bargain and our sale is the perfect opportunity for you to get what you need. 

A forklift is a vital piece of equipment for moving and positioning loads. It’s also a very versatile machine as it can be combined with a number of attachments. These attachments allow you to carry out a number of different tasks including lifting drums, lifting heavier loads or even becoming a platform. There's no better time than our forklift attachment sale to purchase your forklift accessories, so keep reading to look at some of the attachments we have on offer:


Fork Extensions

Fork Extensions

If your forklift isn't quite long enough then you may want to invest in an extension. To see our range of forklift extensions, click here


Drum Handling

drum handling attachment

It can be difficult to move heavy drums, luckily a drum handling attachment makes easy work of grabbing, lifting and tilting drums. Get yours here


Access Platforms

access platforms

A forklift can also be transformed into a machine that allows you to work at height. Our access platforms allow you to work at height safely without needing another machine.


Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips

Our tipping skips allow you to use your forklift to transport and move waste easily.

If you have any questions regarding the forklift attachments in our sale then feel free to get in touch. Our helpful team is more than happy to help you pick the attachment that best suits your needs - call us today on, 0808 123 69 69

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks are perhaps the most common staple in warehouses and material handling environments, but where can you buy one? 

We specialise in Pallet Jacks here at PalleTruck-Trolleys, and we have a varied range suitable for all workplaces. Pallet jacks can be used for a variety of different operations in different work environments, which is why they are so popular. We meet this demand by supplying pallet jacks across a range of locations. These locations include: 

  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Somerset
  • Cardiff
  • East London
  • West Drayton
  • Leeds
  • Southhampton

Once you have completed your order online, you can click and collect from any of these depots. You can also have your pallet jack delivered to you across the UK and internationally. You can buy any pallet jack with us at PalleTruck-Trolleys and have it delivered straight to your front door.

If you're not looking to buy a pallet jack, you can hire one from us too! A vast amount of our pallet jacks are available to hire for a set period of time - ideal for those who only need the equipment for one operation. To hire a pallet jack from us, all you need to do is click Hire Me on the product page and the Enquire once you reach the checkout page. One of our friendly team will then get in touch to finalise the hiring process. 

To browse our full collection of pallet jacks you can buy or hire, just click here! Alternatively, if you'd like to get in touch to discuss your options you can contact us here.