Looking for an Electric Stacker Truck to Hire?

Electric Stacker Trucks are essential pieces of equipment for transporting your materials in the easiest possible way. Their heavy-duty structure and controls enable an efficient, reliable and fully-powered solution for everyone. As a result, we offer a selection of both electric and semi-electric stacker trucks for hire in our stacker truck hire service here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys for anyone interested in using these essential pieces of equipment for a short period of time.


1 Tonne Electric Stacker                                                                      1 Tonne Semi Electric Stacker


We know that as a result of their size, they may be difficult to store if you do not have the required space available. Therefore, by using our stacker truck hire service, you will receive the full benefits of our high-quality electric stacker trucks without the headache of finding somewhere to store it afterwards.

If you are interested in hiring one of our electric stacker trucks, simply select the ‘Hire Me’ button displayed below the product for you. After that, follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete an enquiry to receive an estimation of the cost of your hire from a member of our team.

If you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.

appliance moving equipment


Have you got heavy appliances that you need to move around your home or office? If you're attempting to move these appliances you most certainly have discovered the logistical nightmare that moving heavy goods can be. Luckily, we supply a range of appliance moving equipment that not only makes moving appliances much easier but much safer too. 

We stock a range of furniture dollies, appliance trolleys and appliance moving kits so that you can find something that suits your moving project requirements - to see our full range, click here! Below is some more information about what you should consider when picking appliance moving equipment, this should help you get the right choice for you! 

Things to Consider:

Weight - The lighter the load, the easier it is to manoeuvre. If it's a heavier appliance you have to make sure to get one that is suitable.

Load Capacity - Can your appliance moving equipment handle the load? Always check the capacity before buying! 

Stair Climbing - Do you need to move anything up or down the stairs? This is an added risk so you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

Heavy Duty Appliance Furniture Moving Kit

This kit is perfect is for moving a whole range of appliances from wardrobes to refrigerators. The heavy duty lifting roller kit can hold loads up to 150kg. You can easily push appliances around your room with this useful kit. 


600kg Furniture Moving Set

If you have heavier appliances to move this furniture moving set it the perfect assistant. Holding loads up to 600kg this pair of manual furniture movers are great for moving heavy equipment with ease. Their polyurethane wheels also minimise damage to floors. 


150kg Electric powered Stair Climber 

If you need to move an appliance up or down stairs is important that you have the correct equipment that allows you to do this safely. This stair climber is the ideal solution that allows a single person to move an object up to 150kg safely on the stairs. If you don't want to buy this appliance moving equipment you can hire it, that way you have it for as long as you need it. 


Load Restraint Equipment

Of course, you may want to further secure your appliances to the movers. We supply a range of load restraint equipment that adds that extra security to your load moving job. From ratchet lashings to rope, we have the products you need to get your heavy items safely loaded for moving. 


All of this equipment drastically reduces the risk of injury to the person attempting to move the heavy load. If you need help picking the right appliance moving furniture in your moving project we are more than happy to help you find the right products. If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to get in touch. Contact us today for any query. 

 To view our specific range of Load Moving Equipment, click here!