Are you struggling to assemble your Garden Cart? Or recently bought a ‘Garden Tipping Cart Dumper Trolley’ from PalleTrucks-Trolleys and are yet to assemble it? Look and stress no more, here’s our simple step-by-step garden cart assembly instructions that will help you assemble your cart quickly and easily;


Firstly, place your cart with the hollow end facing the floor, this makes it easier to assemble the rest of the parts.



  • Locate the rear axle and then bolt using two M8 X 45mm bolts.
  • Once you have done this, locate the two rear axle straps. Bolt these to the cart’s tray (on top of the tray in your case) using two M8 X 20mm carriage bolts.



  • After locating and bolting your rear axle and axels straps, it’s now time to locate the front lock assembly.
  • After locating this, bolt this to the cart’s tray using two M8 X 20mm bolts.


Now you’re at the stage where you can assemble the front axle assembly to the front frame.


STEP 3: The front frame

  • The front frame should be facing upwards.
  • The front part of the frame should be bolted using the two M8 X 40mm Allen head screws.




  • The middle of the front frame should then be bolted by using two M8 X 20mm bolts.



  • Now you can assemble the front lock and front frame (stages 2 and 3) to the cart’s tray using two M8 X 20mm bolts.



  • Next, you can install two spacers on each axle.
  • The wheels can then be added to the garden cart – these are locked in by washers and a retaining pin.



  • You should now only have two M8 bolts left, which are to be used to secure the lock and frame.



  • Lastly, it’s now time to attach the handle of your garden cart with the final two bolts.


** Just remember: your wheels may need inflating! **


And there you have it – a fully assembled cart. We hope our guide has made it easier to put together your garden cart. You can also watch these garden cart assembly instructions in video format right here or purchase a garden cart from PalleTrucks-Trolleys, specialists in pallet trucks and material handling products.