Using pallet trucks safely is extremely important. Pallet trucks can be incredibly versatile and useful on-site; however, the misuse of pallet trucks may lead to serious leg, feet and back injuries.

We have compiled a short list of safety precautions that should help to reduce the risk of pallet truck accidents. Proper training should always be provided before operating a pallet truck on-site.

Safety Guidelines

  • Face in the direction you are travelling
  • Take extra care on uneven surfaces
  • Don’t allow riders or passengers on to the pallet truck
  • Always use both forks when lifting the load
  • Do not use on a slope unless the truck is fitted with brakes.

2000kg Height 51mm Low Pallet Truck 540mm x 1150

One of our favourites is the 2000kg Height 51mm Low Pallet Truck 540mm x 1150 – Fitted with a hydraulic pump unit and triple action control handle, this pallet truck makes lifting, lowering and steering extremely easy!

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The safe and proper use of trolleys can dramatically reduce the risk of work-related injuries due to manual handling. This is a brief overview of some general safety techniques to follow when using trolleys, however proper safety training should be provided in the workplace.

Only use a trolley if you are an able-bodied adult who has been deemed competent by your employer

  • Ensure you wear suitable safety clothing, gloves and footwear.
  • Make sure that the load is placed safely on the trolley, as close to the back of the trolley as possible and ideally strapped down.
  • Ensure the area in which you are operating the trolley is suitable, do not use on steep slopes or soft ground.
  • Be aware of other persons in the working area.
  • Do not use under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Sack Truck

Do you rely on a sack truck to transport heavy loads around your workplace? If so, it's important to ensure that your truck is in tip-top condition before each use.

To ensure that you check your sack truck thoroughly, we've created a checklist of all the things you need to inspect to ensure that your truck is in a high enough standard to be used.


Chassis & Load Plate

Is it free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are there any fractures or bulges?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are there any bends in the load plate?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are the welds that connect the plate to the frame free rust and fractures?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there excessive wear on the load plate?

Yes || No || Unsure


Grips and Handles

If handles are bolted, are the fixing in place, and free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are the handle grips tight?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there any damage to the grips?

Yes || No || Unsure


Wheels and Tyres

Is the tread on the tyre in good condition?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are all tyres inflated and at equal pressure?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are all the nuts, blots and bearings tight, and intact?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is each wheel fitted with an end cap?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there any lateral movement with the wheels?

Yes || No || Unsure


Fixings (Nuts, Bolts, Split Pins, etc.)

Are all fittings in place?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are they free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are they in tight?

Yes || No || Unsure


If you have noticed any problems with your sack truck, it's important that you take action immediately and either fix these issues or replace your sack truck, as any of the above problems could put the operator's health and safety at risk; and you may also risk damaging any goods being carried.

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