Believe it or not, there is currently a heatwave sweeping the UK, so why not take advantage of this rare occurrence by doing some gardening? It’s the perfect weather for it, and our garden utility carts are perfectly suited to help you with the job. These heavy-duty garden utility carts are great for hauling garden tools from one place to another, but more than that, these versatile garden carts can be used on far more than just gardens! These utility carts work just as great for music festivals, farms, campsites and trade shows & exhibitions (check out our carts at Glastonbury). Each and every one of these garden utility carts is easy to assemble and put to use – they come with robust wheels which are capable of conquering any terrain! We just know you’ll be very happy with how our utility carts perform.

 Most of our Garden Utility Carts are available to both buy and hire, so we can meet your requirements whatever they may be. Here are the Garden Utility Trucks we have to offer here: 

*200mm diameter heavy duty rubber tyres 
*Maximum Load Capacity - 70kgs 
*Approx weight - 12kgs 
*Front Wheel Steering 
*13inch Wheels 

Our garden utility carts are fit for a myriad of purposes and landscapes, so we’ve got you covered whatever you need your utility cart for! If you’d like more details on our Garden Utility Carts, click here. Or, to browse our wider selection of products, check out this page & you're bound to find whatever you're looking for!

If you are based in Southampton or the surrounding area, you'll be delighted to know that this is the location of our newest depot! If you own a business or you're carrying out temporary operations in the area that require the use of pallet trucks, site trolleys or material handling equipment, we have everything you may need to complete the job - all stored in one convenient location, at fantastic prices! Whatever you require for your next project, our friendly and experienced team will be able to find everything you need to get it done safely, efficiently, and to the highest standard.

Also, you'll be pleased to know that the new Southampton depot is part of our click and collect system, which allows you to order all your items online and then collect them at your nearest depot! 

If you're interested in buying or hiring any of our pallet trucks, site trolleys or material handling equipment in Southampton, you can contact us by calling 0808 123 69 69. If you'd like to visit our depot in person, you can find us here:
Unit 4 Southampton Trade Park, 
Third Avenue, 

Some of the trucks, trolleys and lifters you can find at the depot:

Pallet Pump Trucks

* High Lift Pallet Trucks 
*Low Profile Pallet Trucks 
*Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks 

Stacker Trucks and Material Lifts

*Material Lifts 
*Self Lift Stacker Truck 
*Semi-Electric Stacker Truck 

Load Moving Equipment

*Furniture & Machinery Movers 
*Wheels Skate Sets 
*Caterpillar Steel Roller Skates 
*Roller Crow Bars

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We don't just sell pallet trucks here at PalleTruck-trolleys; we also supply a huge variety of Fork Truck Attachments including Fork Truck Fork Extensions, Drum Handling Equipment, Platforms and Skips, that will meet any requirements and will help you complete your job a lot easier and more efficiently. 

The majority of our fork truck attachments are available to hire and buy, so we can meet your requirements whatever they may be. Here are a few attachments we have to offer: 

These attachments are incredibly handy if you're constantly transporting drums to one place to another. They easily slide on to the forks and are held in place by heavy duty zinc plated screw clamps, it's handy piece of equipment for any forklift truck. 

looking for something that will provide you with a safe environment whilst you're doing your maintenance and inspections at a high level? Then our range of Forklift Access Platforms are perfect for you! They have been built with the technical regulations of the health and safety executive so they're completely safe to work from! 
Looking to add a little length to the fork on your fork truck? These fork extensions are exactly what you need! They come in a range of lengths and are all made from heavy duty steel, so they're certainly strong and robust enough to take on any job! 
Make disposing of light to medium weight waste far more easier and efficient with our automatic Bottom-Emptying Skips! These skips allow you to easily dispose of waste via the base release mechanism, without the driver leaving the safety of their seat.

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At PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we understand the importance of durability and adaptability, which is why our load moving equipment is designed to provide a lasting solution without limitations.
Our platform trolley range is the perfect example of our commitment to quality and functional design, as both our 150kg and 300kg models have the following features:
  • A push/pull handle for easy movement.
  • Foldable design for fuss-free transportation and storage.
  • A non-slip platform surface for added safety and security.
  • PVC buffer strips to prevent damage.
As well as the range of benefits highlighted above, the platform trolleys are also suitable for a range of environments and applications, in offices, warehouses, workshops and more. To browse and buy our platform trolleys, click here! Remember to select the correct weight limit for your required application.
Materials handling equipment

Materials handling is our speciality here at We supply a huge variety of high-quality materials handling products, including stackers, lifters, sack trucks, and (obviously) pallet trucks and trolleys.

Most of our materials handling equipment is available both to buy and to hire, so we can meet your requirements whatever they may be. Here's a quick run-down of what we have to offer:

Material handling carts

Trolleys & Carts

Our site trolleys and utility carts are ideal for wheeling goods around the warehouse or worksite. This section of our website is also home to a range of festival carts, which are great for camping trips and days out! 

Sack trucks

Sack Trucks

We have a great range of robust sack trucks available, covering everything from your basic no-frills model to automated trucks that are capable of climbing up stairs. We've also written a buyer's guide to sack trucks in case you're not sure what you need.

Material Lifts & Stacker Trucks

Stacker Trucks & Material Lifts

Need help lifting or stacking your goods? That's what our superb stackers and lifters are here for. These trucks are ideal for tasks like loading up vans and making deliveries. It's in this section that you'll find the PALLIFT self-lifting stacker, one of the single most popular products in our entire catalogue.

Pallet trucks

Pallet Pump Trucks

Last but not least, we come to the products that gave us our name: pallet trucks! We've got a comprehensive range of trucks to choose from, so regardless of what you're shifting and where you're transporting it, rest assured that we can help you to get the job done.

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