The safe and proper use of trolleys can dramatically reduce the risk of work-related injuries due to manual handling. This is a brief overview of some general safety techniques to follow when using trolleys, however proper safety training should be provided in the workplace.

Only use a trolley if you are an able-bodied adult who has been deemed competent by your employer

  • Ensure you wear suitable safety clothing, gloves and footwear.
  • Make sure that the load is placed safely on the trolley, as close to the back of the trolley as possible and ideally strapped down.
  • Ensure the area in which you are operating the trolley is suitable, do not use on steep slopes or soft ground.
  • Be aware of other persons in the working area.
  • Do not use under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

PalleTrucks-Trolleys has a huge range of trolleys designed to suit a variety of workplaces and needs including; Garden Trolleys, Site Trolley Trucks, Platform Trolleys, and Material/Pipe Trolleys.

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Sack Truck

Do you rely on a sack truck to transport heavy loads around your workplace? If so, it's important to ensure that your truck is in tip-top condition before each use.

To ensure that you check your sack truck thoroughly, we've created a checklist of all the things you need to inspect to ensure that your truck is in a high enough standard to be used.


Chassis & Load Plate

Is it free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are there any fractures or bulges?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are there any bends in the load plate?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are the welds that connect the plate to the frame free rust and fractures?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there excessive wear on the load plate?

Yes || No || Unsure


Grips and Handles

If handles are bolted, are the fixing in place, and free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are the handle grips tight?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there any damage to the grips?

Yes || No || Unsure


Wheels and Tyres

Is the tread on the tyre in good condition?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are all tyres inflated and at equal pressure?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are all the nuts, blots and bearings tight, and intact?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is each wheel fitted with an end cap?

Yes || No || Unsure

Is there any lateral movement with the wheels?

Yes || No || Unsure


Fixings (Nuts, Bolts, Split Pins, etc.)

Are all fittings in place?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are they free from rust?

Yes || No || Unsure

Are they in tight?

Yes || No || Unsure


If you have noticed any problems with your sack truck, it's important that you take action immediately and either fix these issues or replace your sack truck, as any of the above problems could put the operator's health and safety at risk; and you may also risk damaging any goods being carried.

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Risk assessments are a process whereby a thorough evaluation is made to identify situations, methods and environments that have the ability to cause harm to individuals. Once these risks have been identified, an analysis and calculation are made on their severity and the measures required to effectively eliminate or control these risks from occurring. When it comes to manual handling and manual handling equipment especially, risk assessments are imperative to keeping workers and working environments safe, creating awareness of potential hazards, determining whether an intervention is necessary and more importantly to meet specific health and safety regulations.

Due to pallet trucks being one of the most common pieces of equipment used for manual handling tasks, we will run through some of the most important factors needed for an effective pallet truck risk assessment.

Performing an effective pallet truck risk assessment

Before tasks involving a pallet truck are conducted, it is advised that a risk assessment is completed to achieve the things listed above. This involves making a suitable assessment of all manual handling operations, which consists of looking into areas such as:

The task

The questions that need to be asked when assessing the task involved with a pallet truck are, do they involve:

  • Long carrying distances?
  • Strenuous pulling or pushing?
  • Unpredictable movement of loads?
  • Insufficient recovery or rest?

The loads

The questions that need to be asked when assessing the loads involved with a pallet truck are if they are:

  • Bulky/unwieldy?
  • Heavy?
  • Unstable/unpredictable
  • Difficult to grasp?

The working environment

The questions that need to be asked when assessing the working environment involved with a pallet truck are if there are:

  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Variations in levels
  • Constraints on posture
  • Poor floor quality
  • Hot/cold conditions

The pallet truck

The most important questions that need to be asked before using a pallet truck concern the pallet truck itself. You need to:

  • Inspect the pallet truck to see if it’s in generally good working condition
  • Check steering, forks, brakes, controls, hydraulics and warning devices (if fitted)
  • Inspect wheels to ensure they are not worn out or have any cracks or damage

Once these areas have been assessed for any potential risks and the appropriate corrective measures have been taken to reduce or eliminate them, the task that involves the pallet truck can safely begin.

For all of your tasks and jobs that require pallet pump trucks, be sure to visit our extensive range below, all of which are available to both purchase and hire. If you have any questions regarding our collection of pallet trucks, be sure to contact us today!

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The process of moving machinery can be not just a very strenuous and demanding task but a dangerous one. Being able to transport your machinery from point A to point B in the fastest and safest possible way is something that we would all like, as this eliminates the risk of serious injury. Here at Palletrucks-Trolleys, we like to pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best possible equipment in allowing you to do just this, with our range of Machinery Moving Skates. These are excellent when it comes to moving your goods that weigh between 8 and 36 tonnes, coming with an effective steering handle that provides fantastic manoeuvrability by controlling the two trailing skates. In order to prevent damage to floors, these skates are manufactured with polyurethane wheels, allowing you to move heavy duty and industrial machinery without having to worry about the impact on the working environment.

Despite having the equipment to move machinery, it is still imperative that you use our Machine Skates in the right way, utilising the correct safety measures. For more information on the safe use of our Machine Skates, read our blog here on How to Move Machinery.

Our Machine Skates range


32-tonne SWL Machine Moving Skates

Set comprised of:

- 1x 16-tonne steering unit

- 2x 8-tonne trailing skate

- 32 tonne Safe Working Load

- 1 Year Warranty


24 Tonne SWL Machinery Skate Set

   Set comprised of:

- 1x 12-tonne steering unit

- 2x 6-tonne trailing skate

- 24 tonne Safe Working Load

- Equipped with high-quality polyurethane wheels which help to prevent damage to floors

- Machinery Moving Skates are made for Heavy Duty / Industrial Use

- 1 Year Warranty


These are just two of our very effective and efficient Machine Skates products that we offer here at Palletruck-Trolleys. As you can see, they are able to carry and transport loads weighing up to 32-tonnes, so no matter what machinery you need moving, we are confident that you will get the job easily done with our skates. Just be sure to check that the SWL of your skate is enough to carry the load that you would like to transport. We understand that not everyone is able to commit to purchasing our Machine Skates. This may be due to not having the finances, the storage space or simply because you need them temporary for a one-off job. As a result, we offer a Machine Skates rental service on a number of our Machine Skates that allow you to hire the desired product for a short period of time. To complete a hire enquiry, simply select the ‘Hire Me’ option below the product that you want to hire and follow the easy on-screen instructions until your enquiry is complete. To view our full range of Machine Skates, hit the button below!

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If you’re struggling to get your machine skate rental quotation or have any questions regarding our range of Machine Skates or hire service, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team by calling 0117 9381 600 or emailing today!

What is a Sack Truck Used For

Here at Palletruck-Trolleys, we aim to make your manual handling jobs far easier. Sack trucks are some of our most popular products because they do just that. We have several different types of sack trucks that suit a wide range of applications. To see our full range of sack trucks click here, or to learn more about what a sack truck is used for, keep reading. 

What are Sack Trucks?

A sack truck is a piece of equipment that is essential in may moving operations within any warehouse environment. Sack trucks are an 'L' shaped trolley with two wheels that enables one person to transport goods that would difficult or impossible without extra equipment. The load is placed on the platform that can then be wheeled around with ease. This allows the wheels to bear the weight of the goods making the whole moving job far easier. 

What is a Sack Truck used for?

Sack trucks are used frequently within warehouse environments (or similar) and often become an essential part of moving applications once implemented. It allows employees to move several items at once with ease which allows your company to become much more efficient. By increasing this productivity, the addition of a sack truck can actually save your business money as well as making heavy lifting/moving jobs safer for the individual.

What Sack Truck do I need?

Not all sack trucks are made equal and for the same jobs. All the sack trucks we supply are of the highest quality and differ to accommodate whatever task you need to complete. Here are some things to consider when choosing a sack truck:

  • Weight capacity
  • Tyre type
  • Handle type
  • Back height
  • Special Features

You also need to know what is required from your sack truck, will a standard sack truck be enough? Do you need to carry loads up or down a staircase? Do you need a sack truck that folds and can be stored easily? We have a diverse collection of sack trucks for a range of applications. Click the links below to take a closer look at our sack trucks:

All Sack Trucks

Adjustable Sack Trucks

Folding Sack Trucks

Stair Climbing Sack Trucks

Powered Sack Trucks

If you have any questions about what a sack truck is used for or about any of our other products we are more than happy to help. Don't hesitate to ask our team of experts, contact us today.