If one of your vehicles has ever broken down or gotten stuck in a space that’s impossible to move from with none of the necessary equipment or gear, you’d probably wish you had a set of tow chains to make the job a whole easier. If you are prepared, however, and are equipped with a set of tow chains, it is important to know how to use them correctly to avoid creating further problems for yourself. To make things a little easier for yourself, we take a look at the essential information on how to use tow chains.

What is a tow chain?

Our range of tow chains is made up of a grade 80 chain with a tow chain hook and oval ring at either end. Due to their small and lightweight nature, they are able to be easily stored and should be a part of a vehicle emergency kit, particularly when driving in climates where the chances of becoming stuck are increased e.g. in snow and mud. When used correctly, tow chains can be a lifesaver, but when used incorrectly, you can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

8000kg M.B.S Tow Chain with Latch Hook


Attaching the hook to the towing vehicle

To begin the process of getting your vehicle removed from being stuck, the first thing you will need to do is attach the tow chain to the towing vehicle, using the hook end. This is often attached to the rear bumper of the vehicle or to a trailer hitch, which will have loops for a mounting hook. No matter which you have, both will provide an adequate amount of support for most towing tasks. These are the only places in which the hook should be properly and securely attached to. As an extra step of precaution, it is advised to give the tow chain a few tugs while making your way to the vehicle that is being pulled to ensure the hook is firmly fastened.

Attaching the tow chain to the vehicle being towed

Before you attach the opposite end of the tow chain to the inanimate car, you need to make sure that the tow chain has not become twisted. This will not directly the abilities of the tow chain, but it will affect the length of the chain and may cause some wear and tear on the chain over time. Once you’ve checked the chain is all good, you can now proceed to attach the other end to the front of the vehicle that is being towed. This is usually attached to a tow hook or a sturdy steel loop mounted underneath the front bumper or near the centre axle. A number of vehicles may have plastic covers over the hooks or are hidden in recessed nooks, either way, it is important to not attach the tow chain directly to the axle or any other part of hanging from under the front of the vehicle.

Begin to pull

Once both ends of the tow chain have been securely attached, you are now ready to pull. Ensure that both vehicles are manned at all times. If the towed vehicle is in full working order, it should be put into first gear with the handbrake off. If it is not in full working order, however, it should be left in neutral. The driver of the towing vehicle should drive very slowly, creeping forward until the tow chain becomes tight. Once this has happened, the vehicle is now able to be pulled. It is important to remember to keep all movements slow and controlled, as anything abrupt will be felt by the towed vehicle and may case the tow chain to become free.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to tow any vehicle with ease. If like some, you do not have a tow chain and would like to purchase one, we have a wide selection of high-quality Tow Chains available to buy right here at PalleTruckTrolleys, suitable for a number of various tow operations. Simply click below to browse our collection. If you have any questions regarding our range of Tow Chains, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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If you're planning on going off-roading, or perhaps you're heading to festival, there is the likelihood that your vehicle may get stuck in the mood. If you're worried about being stranded, purchasing a towing chain isn't a bad idea and here PalleTrucks-Trolleys we have an excellent range of Towing chains that will enable you to be towed from any situation. 

Our Towing Chains are suitable to tow vehicles as heavy as 32000Kg in even the harshest of conditions. Each of our towing chains has an oval ring and a latch hook fitted at opposite ends, allowing you to easily attach the chain to both vehicles. They come in a variety of lengths, from 1 meter to 6 meters, and we can custom make your chain length to suit your specific needs. Our towing chains have been made to last, so you can trust them to never let you down. 

To view our range of Tow Chains please click here. But before you go ahead and make your purchase, we strongly recommend that you read over the product description and specifications to ensure you're purchasing the correct chain to meet your requirements. If you're curious about anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 0808 123 69 69 or email sales@palletrucks-trolleys.com.

Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys we have a huge array of high-quality Tow Ropes & Chains that are ideal if you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle has gotten stuck and is unable to move. All of our Tow Ropes have been made to last and come in variety of lengths and breaking lengths. They're easy to fit to your vehicle, with a latch hook or oval ring attached to either side; you won't be faffing about trying to attach them to your vehicle. If you're interested in purchasing a Tow Rope or Chain, here are a few examples from our range:

2 Tonne Tow Rope

  • Heavy-duty non-elasticated Tow Rope
  • Load Capacity: 2 Tonne
  • Rope Length: 4 Meters
  • Supplied with metal hooks at either end of the rope allowing straight forward attachment to your vehicle
  • TUV/GS Approved

3 Tonne Elasticated Tow Rope

  • Elasticated webbing design help prevent the tow rope from dragging on the ground during overrun
  • Fitted with easy to fit metal hooks
  • Heavy-duty stitched hook retaining sleeves
  • Extensively tested to comply with HSE requirements

8000kg M.B.S Towing Chain with Latch Hook

  • 8,000kg M.B.S
  • Grade 80 Chain
  • Come in a variety of length ranging from 1mtr to 6mtr - Chain lengths can be custom made to specific needs
  • Chain diameter 8mm
  • Supplied with a Latch Hook and Oval Ring on either side 
  • Graded for towing intentions only 

To view our full range of Tow Ropes & Chains, click here.