As longer days and hotter weather blends with the sweet scent of smoky barbeques across the nation, the resulting cocktail for the senses can mean only one thing – summer is officially here, people!

For many, that also means the arrival of festival season, with the influx of open-air gigs reaching fever pitch throughout July and August. From rock and EDM to jazz and folk music, there’s a festival for all taste buds.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people across the UK will be dusting off their camping gear, cleaning the dried mud off last year’s crusty wellies and begin preparing themselves for the impending onslaught beer, burgers and beats in the beaming sun.

However, one thing that often gets lost in the festival frenzy of campsite prep is logistics. Admittedly not the most exciting of subjects when compared to global music icons and frosty beverages in sun-kissed air, but an important point nonetheless.

Luckily, we have you covered here at PTT, with our very own festival trolleys – designed to make your campsite journey a walk in the park, not an expedition.


festival carts


Carte Diem

When you arrive at a festival and hear the distant murmur of the sound stages reverberate across the land, it’s not unusual for the heart to beat a little faster, the hairs to stand up on end and anticipatory excitement to grab you firmly by the proverbial gonadulars.

As such, the very last thing you want to do in this scenario is begin an arduous odyssey, loaded up like a cart horse with several trips on the cards. For anyone that’s been there and done it, it’s a rookie mistake that’s rarely repeated twice.

Fortunately, you can save yourself from a state of sweat-drenched exhaustion by making one simple addition to your festival inventory – the summery saviour that is the folding festival cart.


festival carts


70kg Multi-Purpose Folding Camping Trolley

Featuring two 360-degree swivel wheels on the front for manoeuvrability, these easy-steer carts can turn your campsite crossing into a smooth sailing stroll from A to B.

Foldable for compact storage on both ends, this humble cart is a veritable gift from the gods, heaven-sent to save you from an afternoon of haulage hell. Complete with four extra-wide, rubber wheels, rough terrain is no match for this musical must-have.

The cart itself features a tough 600d polyester lining that’s fully washable, so you don’t have to worry about it taking an inevitable mud-bath along the way. It also includes two mesh pockets for additional storage.

Measuring 90cm long and 54cm wide with a height of 65cm, the cart is capable of holding up to 70kg in weight. Coincidentally, this translates to around 11 stone – the average weight of a beer keg (just saying).

While we don’t recommend ditching your camping gear in favour of a keg, it’s good to know nonetheless. Meanwhile, it can also be quite a handy option to have, should you have any overindulgent mates who weigh 11 stone or less.

This product also consistently garners rave reviews, regularly receiving five stars from customers in terms of quality and value for money. A much-loved addition to any outdoor set, this simple cart is quite simply essential for any festival-goer with camping on the cards.


festival carts


500kg Flatbed Turntable Garden Trolley

For those in need of something a little sturdier for hefty transportation, we also have a heavy-duty option in the form of the Flatbed Turntable Garden Trolley.

Capable of handling up to 500kg of weight with pneumatic wheels, this solid cart is ideal for use on the uneven terrain of festival fields and the typically rocky roads that lead to them.

With an easy-to-use steering handle controlling the front wheels for directional freedom, manoeuvring around the campsite will be a breeze, even with a lofty load in tow.


Keep your festival experience care-free by investing in a camping trolley today! For more info, call 0117 9381 600 or drop us a line using the link below.

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Packing for a festival can be tricky, especially British festivals as you can never guarantee the nice weather. When going to a festival, you want to be prepared and make sure you pack all the essentials, just in case. When packing for a festival, you tend to pack lots of things, but have you ever thought how you're actually going to carry it all to your campsite? 

At PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we have put together a small checklist of the things you need to take whilst attending a festival and, how to transport all of your items:

Packing for a Festival Infographic

Once you have ticked all of these items off your list, why not lighten the load and purchase/hire a PalleTrucks-Trolleys Festival Cart from our Garden Trolleys and Camping Carts page to make transporting your festival goods that little bit easier?

If you require further assistance or have any questions regarding our range of Garden Trolleys and Camping Carts or a specific Festival Cart then please, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0808 123 69 69 or emailing at

heavy duty trolley carts

If you’re looking for an efficient way to move heavy goods then a heavy duty trolley cart will be a vital piece of equipment for you. We sell a range of trolley carts that are perfect for transporting goods around various locations, from the garden to music festivals! Forget hauling everything by hand, a trolley cart makes quick work out of a bunch of tedious trips back and forth

All of our heavy duty trolley carts are designed to be easily manoeuvred and robust enough to transport your goods with ease. All of the trolleys have a weight limit that is stated on the product pages, so take care to select a trolley cart that suits your location and weight of the job you need to carry out.

We hope that we have got a heavy duty trolley carts to suit everyone, so here are some examples of what we have on offer

festival trolley

(Folding Festival & Camping Hand Trolley Cart)

The perfect accessory for a festival, this folding trolley cart allows you to carry all your camping gear in one trip! After you've transported your stuff you can then neatly fold up the trolley cart and store it until you need to leave. The 360-degree swivel front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, so you won't have to worry as you make your way to the festival.

garden trolley

(Mesh Frame Camping & Garden Utility Trolley Cart)

 Perfect for most heavy duty moving tasks, this camping & garden utility cart can load up to 300kg. You can drastically reduce the number of trips you would have to make with this fantastic piece of equipment. 

If you need any advice about which heavy duty trolley cart would best suit your needs, then we will happily give you extra advice. Feel free to give our helpful team a call on, 0808 123 69 69.

Festival carts for sale

Festival season is coming! You've probably seen line-up announcements from the likes of Reading, Latitude, Green Man beginning to appear on your Facebook or Twitter feed, and while the summer isn't here just yet, now is very much the time to start making plans for this year's festival fun!

One item that no music-loving camper should be without is a sturdy festival cart. Dragging your supplies - your tent, your rucksack, your carrier bag full of beer cans - from the car park to the campsite is a huge chore; no festival attendee cherishes that long, weighed-down walk, but with the help of a wheeled festival trolley, the job is made a whole lot easier.

We have a range of robust festival carts for sale here at Our garden carts department is home to several heavy-duty trolleys that are utterly ideal for transporting heavy camping gear over the rough terrain of a festival site. We particularly recommend our easy-to-transport collapsible festival trolley, as seen in this video:

Our festival carts are available to buy or hire at great prices! Click here to browse our available products.
If you're heading to a UK festival this summer, investing in a festival cart is guaranteed to make your experience more enjoyable! This will ensure that your transition from transport to campsite is as smooth and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to spend less time carting your baggage and more time revelling in mud and music! 
For those who haven't stocked up on a reliable utility cart for their UK festival trip, we highly recommend that they hire or purchase one of our many options, which are frequently spotted at festivals throughout the country, including Glastonbury! One of our most popular festival cart options is this 300kg Heavy Duty Garden Cart (pictured below), which is a durable solution for carrying heavy items to and from your campsite, be they backpacks or beers.

Some of the festival cart's features include:

  • A tough steel frame with powder coating to prevent rust and chipping (a must in the rain)
  • Tough pneumatic tyres for all terrains 
  • Padded handle bar for comfortable steering 
  • Tilting tray for easy removal of contents 
  • 180 degree, two wheel steering for flexible manoeuvring 

What are the advantages of ordering a festival cart with

  • Flexible payment options: Our festival cart models are available to hire or purchase, depending on your needs.
  • Reliability: We pride ourselves on our ability to offer high-quality products, so you can be sure that our festival carts will not only match but exceed your expectations.
  • Fast Delivery: We have depots located across the country, allowing us to guarantee a prompt and efficient delivery service.
Your festival cart could even be used as a cosy mode of transportation for your little ones...