Lifting boxes with a pallet truck

The phrase 'manual handling' covers a huge variety of tasks that may happen in the workplace. For many people, these tasks make up the bulk of what they do every day at work - no wonder there are so many different products available to make manual handling jobs a little bit easier!

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Here's our guide to manual handling tasks and how our products can help with them.


Manual Handling & How to Make It Easier

Manual handling often involves moving heavy objects, which can be hazardous. Careful planning helps to eliminate unnecessary risks - there are many ways to minimise the amount of heavy lifting required in your workplace.

Where possible, it's recommended to use trucks and trolleys that can reduce the need for manual handling tasks. Not only will this help to keep your workers safe, it will also speed up jobs that could otherwise have been quite time-consuming.


Using Mechanical Help for Manual Handling Tasks

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that measures are taken to minimise the risk of injury. They specifically suggest using items such as pallet trucks and sack trolleys in order to help with manual handling tasks.

Here at, we offer a selection of products that will help your workplace to run smoothly by reducing the need for strenuous activity and making manual handling jobs easier!


Moving Heavy Objects

Moving heavy objects can be very physically demanding. It not only requires people to lift these objects, but then to walk some distance so the object is in the correct place. We all know that this can cause a number of safety issues - using mechanical equipment will help to minimise these risks.

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If you use a pallet truck, for example, you can simply load the truck with your goods and then wheel the truck safely and smoothly to its destination. This puts much less strain on the body and eliminates the risk of injury from carrying heavy items for a prolonged period of time.

You can even purchase electric pallet trucks to make pushing the load through your workplace easier. A batter-powered pallet truck is an easy-to-use bit of equipment that will minimise dangerous lifting and make the workplace safer.

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Heavy Lifting Guidelines

Lifting heavy loads onto shelves or higher platforms can pose a very real health and safety risk. The NHS recommend that you do not lift heavy objects above waist height. If you need to lift items higher than that, we'd recommend using machinery such has hoists and scissor lifts to reduce the risk of injuries. Scissor lifts will give you a little bit more height, making it easier to place objects on higher levels.

For more demanding lifting tasks, we offer a range of lifting equipment that will help you safely and securely lift heavy loads. Available products range from hand-operated chain block hoists to our range of lifting magnets, which can help you to lift a wide variety of objects that may not be movable by manual labour alone. We offer lifting solutions with a range of weight limits, so no matter the job, you can get it done safely.

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As an employer, it's vital to minimise the risks your employees face in their day-to-day work. By using safety equipment and mechanical aids for your heavy lifting, you're making your employees' safety a top priority and keeping your warehouse moving too.

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Cabel Drum Manual Handling

A Birmingham company has been fined £170,000 after an employee narrowly avoided death when a one and a half tonne cable drum and rolled over him. The employee suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and temporarily lost sight and spent eight days in the hospital after the accident. 

The accident happened when the employee attempted to move a drum filled with a 'significant' amount of cable from a weighing scale to a ramp. He was unable to push the drum and so attempted to pull it. This caused his foot to become stuck and the employee fell backward as the drum rolled down the ramp, causing severe crush injuries. Luckily, there was a cap which the employees head passed through, only just avoiding a fatality. 

It was said that the company in question had carried out this unsafe system of working for around seven years. The prosecutor stated that the company should have had a system in place which removed this type of manual handling from the job. He believed it was an 'accident waiting to happen'. The judge agreed and believed that the employee had been given a 'substantial weight to manipulate'. 

Manual handling of this sort should have the right equipment and procedures in place to avoid this type of accident occurring and hefty fines. Handling of substantial weight such as this may require drum handling equipment to move it safely and efficiently. 

One of our main aims here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys is to make every working environment as safe and efficient as possible. From manual handling equipment to lifting gear, we have plenty of items which will make your warehouse a safer workplace for everyone. It's never worth putting your employee's safety at risk!

If you need any manual handling equipment, we stock plenty of different equipment here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys. You can get in touch with us here or give us a call on 0808 123 69 69 for any enquires. 

Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we provide a wide range of moving solutions, which are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your operation. Whether you need a one-time solution for a home move, or a more permanent, heavy-duty device for use in a workshop or similar environment, we are sure to supply a product to meet your needs. In addition to the variety of options we offer in our moving equipment selection, we are also able to offer the ability to hire or purchase your selection, making it adaptable to your budget and time requirements.
Here are just a few of the items we offer in our moving equipment range:
furniture mover set
This pair of manual furniture moving devices are ideal for a variety of moving operations, providing a robust solution for handling and manoeuvring heavy items with ease and efficiency. The set can be operated by one person, and can be easily turned in any direction for flexibility, even in narrow areas. The movers also come with tough polyurethane wheels, which minimise damage to floors.
machine moving skates
This set is designed for heavy duty, industrial use, making it ideal for moving heavy items of machinery in both domestic and commercial sectors. Whether you're looking for a safe and easy-to-use solution for your home workshop, or you have a business that involves moving large, awkward equipment and components, this skate set is sure to meet your needs.
moving skate
As well as our skate sets, we also provide a selection of movable skates to be used in combination with a pinch bar. These skates are a simple, and easy to use solution for moving heavy items, with the ability to support load weights of up to 6 tonnes. The industrial bearings used in these skates spread the load, and facilitate smooth movement for efficient transportation.
caterpillar moving skates
For moving very heavy items, these caterpillar skates are an ideal option, complete with stabilising plates to keep your items in place with performing moving operations. This set is designed for moving highly weighty loads across firm floors, with an easy handling system that ensures ease of operation for the user. For those who require a long-term moving solution, this set also comes complete with a metal case for convenient storage.
wheeled lifting bar
This product is designed for use by professional  load movers, but can also provide the ideal solution for a one-off moving operation. It has a simple design, and is also incredible easy to use, with a long handle which means that a lift can be performed with only a small amount of pressure. The small toe plate also means that this bar can fit into small spaces, making it a great choice for moving items that are low to the ground. 
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Earlier this month, SHP online published an interactive map from Vero Solutions, which highlighted the regions of the UK with the most work related deaths and injuries. This included research from the Health and Safety Executive, which also showed the most common health conditions which are either caused, or aggravated by work.

These included: 

  • Work-related stress
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Skin Disease
and finally
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders 

While we have discussed musculoskeletal disorders on our blog previously, it is insightful (and highly worrying), to look at the facts and figures associated with these conditions, particularly in relation to manual handling. In fact, the research revealed that manual handling is the main activity in UK workplaces which leads to this disorder, with 9.5 million working days lost as a result. 

Although this only confirms what we already know about the connection between musculoskeletal issues and manual handling, highlighting the strain that this has on both the workplace and on company employees, reveals an even clearer picture of the impact that these practices have on organisations.

While certain professions may only be able to mitigate the risks by reducing the amount of manual handling that they complete, and by using safe lifting techniques, there are certain industries that could eliminate the practice of manual handling almost entirely. In sectors such as logistics, food production and construction, just to name a few, there are a number of technologies and solutions readily available, which greatly reduce the call for manual handling in the workplace.

From heavy-duty lifting equipment, to material lifts and load-moving equipment, there are a huge variety of options available, which reduce the practice of manual handling in the workplace to the very minimum. It is vital to the prosperity of these industries, and to the overall state of workplace health in the UK, that companies seriously consider this investment in the improvement of their lifting and handling procedures. 

Although this will require an initial spend, the figures revealing the impact of workplace health conditions speak for themselves, showing the long-term benefits that could be achieved by putting these systems in place.

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If you're active in the health and safety community on Twitter, then you may have noticed that this week is the official 'Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week'. While this is a particularly active week for professionals in the health and safety industry, as well as other related fields, it is vitally important that this message reaches people of all ages and occupations, throughout the UK.
While the aim of the week is to encourage people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing in all aspects of their life, it pays particular attention to the subject of health in the workplace, which has been widely overlooked for many years. Whether this relates to yourself, a colleague, or an employee, health in the workplace is a highly important topic, which should be properly considered by organisations and workers across the country. Whether this relates to using of preventative measures to avoid work-related diseases and injuries, or the identification of unhealthy working practices in the workplace, drawing attention to these issues is the first step towards a healthier future for all British workers.
With the time we spend in work taking up a large chunk of our lives, it is essential that these hours have the least impact on our health and wellbeing as possible. This can only be achieved by using smart working practices, in order to alleviate the impact of work-related health conditions, caused by both physical and mental strain. 
Some of the most commonly-identified work-related conditions are musculoskeletal disorders, which are caused by repetitive bending, twisting or lifting at work. While this is primarily associated with careers which centre around the need to regularly move and lift heavy objects, such as warehouse workers, it can also impact those who work in supposedly manual-free workplaces, where lifting unknowingly becomes part of everyday activities. While there are certain postures and techniques which can help workers to avoid injuries caused by manual handling, the best way to avoid the risks associated with manual handling is to avoid the practice altogether! 
Here at, we provide a vast selection of load moving and handling equipment, with the ability to eliminate both the short and long-term risks of manual handling. From sack trucks to furniture moving devices, we supply a variety of solutions to suit a comprehensive range of working environments.
To find out more about manual handling hazards, their impact, and preventative measures, read our previous guide here.