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Portable scissor lifts

Here at, we understand that lifting and lowering operations can be fiddly and time-consuming if you don't have the right equipment. For this reason, we stock a selection of Portable Scissor Lift products on our website (as well as at our depots), allowing you to solve both your moving and lifting difficulties with a single efficient solution.

Ideal for warehouse and storage operations, a portable scissor lift provides a simple way to transport and elevate a variety of loads, combining a wheeled platform with an adaptable lifting mechanism to facilitate convenient transit with flexible height options. Depending on your practical requirements, you can even match your portable scissor lift to the load you intend to use it for - available weight limits range from 150kg to 1000kg!

Here is our range of portable scissor lifts available to buy or hire from

150kg mobile platform table

150kg Portable Scissor Lift Platform Table

Firstly, our portable scissor lift is great for low-duty applications that require safety and stability. The combination of fixed and swivelling wheels makes the truck easy to manoeuvre, while the brakes offer additional security for the user. Click on the link above to see our range of platform tables and take a full look at the 150kg Portable Scissor Lift Platform table. 

700kg portable scissor lift

700kg Double Height Scissor Lift

Alternatively, if your operation requires an extra bit of height, this portable scissor lift provides a high lift function extending up to 1500mm. It can also be used with loads of up to 700kg, making it a great choice for slightly heavier items. Our 700kg Double Height Scissor Lift is part of our Scissor Lift range, so click the link above to view!

1000kg hydraulic table cart

1000kg Portable Scissor Lift

Lastly, our Portable Scissor Lift's are an ideal choice for those who need to elevate particularly heavy items, with a maximum capacity of 1000kg (1 tonne). In addition, this lift can easily be folded down for straightforward transportation and easy storage. If you're after this style of scissor lift, click the link under the image to view our extensive range!

We hope this blog has informed you of the different types of portable scissor lifts we have to offer, and has allowed you to source which scissor lift is best for you. If you have any questions regarding our range of portable scissor lifts or any of our other products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do so by visiting our contact page here.

What is a Pallet Truck? 

What is a pallet truck

You may have heard the name, but what actually is a pallet truck? We're here to explain what this piece of equipment does. 

A pallet truck is a wheeled material handling device which is designed to assist with the manual handling and manoeuvring of pallets and palletised loads. Although some features can vary, the standard design for a pallet truck is an L shape, which comprises of a wheeled fork platform and a long upright handle which can be adjusted to move the load. Pallet truck handles will also often have a hydraulic pump function, which allows the forks to be lifted and lowered. 

Other names for a pallet truck include:

  • Pallet Jack
  • Pallet Pump
  • Pump Truck 
  • Jigger

What Types of Pallet Truck are Available?

So now you know what a pallet truck is, it's time to find out what types of pallet trucks there are. There's a huge variety of pallet trucks available, each of which is designed to perform a specific function with loads that have a designated weight. Below, we've split these up into three simple categories:

Manual Pallet Trucks

Manual pallet trucks are the most common form of this device, widely used throughout warehouse operations. These trucks usually come with strong polyurethane wheels, which provide added grip on smooth surfaces. The handles of these pallet trucks usually have a dual function, which allows the user to pull and direct the truck, along with using a pump switch to manually lower or elevate the forks as required.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Also referred to as 'powered' pallet trucks, these devices usually have a similar design to the manual options, but facilitate fully electric movement which eliminates most of the manual effort for users. The boost provided by the electronic function can make the trucks easier and more efficient to use, which can be an advantage when performing time-consuming applications such as loading delivery lorries. To ensure safety, the trucks have an emergency stop function which allows the operator to override and stop the movement if necessary. 

Specialised Pallet Trucks 

This covers a broad range of pallet trucks, which have extended features in addition to their manual or electronic operation system. These are designed either for use in specific conditions, with certain loads, or with the intention of enhancing the existing range of features offered with a standard pallet truck. Example include:

We hope this blog has helped explain what is a pallet truck. To find out more about pallet truck designs, or to browse the range we have available to hire or buy, click here!

folding festival trolleys

Are you heading to a festival this summer? Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro, it's likely that you've seen people using trolleys to transport their items to and from the site - with mixed success! You may have even tried out a trolley yourself, but found that it was either unsuitable for the ground, or too inconvenient to travel with!

Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys, we stock a variety of camping carts , including this folding festival trolley! This trolley is designed to provide both durability and convenience, providing you with a reliability while also being easy to store.

They Allow You to Travel Light

Whether you're heading by car or by public transport, a large bulky trolley can make it difficult to get around or pack away your items, which defeats the point of using the trolley to make travel more convenient! Our trolley is compact, and is easy to fold away when not in use, making it ideal for storing away in the luggage hold or boot of your car.

They're Easily Adaptable

It only takes seconds to fold up your trolley and carry it using the side handles, which is great if you're alternating the use of your trolley, or want something that you can pack away easily when you reach your tent. Lots of people use their trolley to give younger children a break from lots of walking, and this folding festival trolley is ideal for doing just that, with the ability to fold it away when not in use.

They Save Space

In addition to needing lots of space on the road, you also need all the room you can get once you're in your tent! This folding festival trolley can easily be stored away, making it easy to keep away from the outdoor elements and the possibility of theft, without taking up too much of your valuable space!

They Can Tackle a Variety of Terrains

Festival terrain can range from grass and gravel, to inches upon inches of thick mud! Our folding festival trolleys are designed to cope with a variety of conditions, and come with 360 degree wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre! If you need something a little more durable, opt for the option with fat boy wheels!

They're Easy to Clean

We've mentioned above that mud is almost a certainty, which means that you'll also need something that you can clean up without too much fuss! Each trolley comes with 600d polyester fabric which is fully washable, making it easy to remove all that dirt once the party is over.

They're Tried and Tested

festival trolley glastonbury

Last year, we spotted lots of our folding festival trolleys and garden carts at Glastonbury, which provided the ideal (well, depending how you look at it) conditions for testing their suitability! Even after terrible problems with mud on the site, the trolleys were still in full working order, proving that they could rise to the challenge.

To browse or purchase our folding festival trolley, click on the link below:

Festival Trolleys >

Folding Trolley

If you need a budget-friendly load moving solution for your office, warehouse or workshop, our folding trolleys are just right for the job. The LoadSurfer folding platform trolley is available to buy online from, and it comes in two different weight capacities:

These trolleys are very reasonably-priced (at time of writing, the 150kg trolley costs just £22.02 including VAT, while the heavier-duty 300kg trolley costs £39.36 including VAT), and they are versatile enough to be used in all sorts of different work environments.

Read on to find out more about our best-selling folding trolley products, or click here to browse our full range of carts, trolleys and trucks.

Folding Trolley - Product Features

Here are just a few of the reasons why our folding platform trolleys are so popular with customers:

  • Durability - The LoadSurfer trolley is designed to be very durable and hard-wearing, coping well even with extended use in a commercial/industrial environment. This sturdy product is sure to be a fixture of your warehouse for a long time after purchase.
  • Easy Storage & Transportation - This platform trolley features a collapsing handle that can easily be folded down so that the product takes up less room while in storage/transit. Great news if space is at a premium!

  • Manoeuvrability - The steering handle, along with the 2 swivelling rear wheels, makes this folding trolley nice and easy to manoeuvre from A to B.

Product Reviews

What have our customers said about the LoadSurfer folding trolley?

150kg Folding Trolley

  • "Quality item, very sturdy, brilliant value...thoroughly recommend this company and their products" - C Harkcom, High Wycombe

  • "Excellent, sturdy product at an unbeatable price" - K Elliott, Lancaster

300kg Folding Trolley

  • "Recommended for any gigging musician. One trip takes all of my kit (keyboard, guitar, boxes, etc.)" - J Hemming, Birmingham

  • "Great, sturdy trolley that is easy to manoeuvre and perfect for moving large boxes around" - L Miller, Birmingham

To order your folding trolley, visit the 150kg trolley or the 300kg trolley product page.