Christmas has come early here at, as we’ve added an additional EIGHT products to our range of goods from iconic lifting gear brand, Pfaff.

Grab yourself an early Christmas present today by taking a look at these awesome products now, as we give you the lowdown on what’s on new in the world of Pfaff.


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Pfaff Pallet Pump Trucks

With a history that dates back to the mid-1800s, it’s fair to say that Pfaff have an iron-clad reputation within the lifting gear industry.

Supplying top-quality lifting equipment for over 150 years, Pfaff continue to go from strength to strength with their superior inventory of goods.

These new products are no exception and available now on!


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2.5 Tonne Pallet Pump Truck

A best-seller amongst Pfaff pump trucks, the Pfaff Silverline 2.5t model is a favourite of many due to its combination of durability and strength.

Featuring a high-quality epoxy coating, rubber wheels and an adjustable lowering speed, this product is capable of moving both Euro and GKN sized pallets.

What’s more, the Silverline 2.5t model also has an ergonomic handle, allowing for one-hand functionality and simplistic, safe control.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Short Fork Pallet Pump Truck

Ideal for use in tighter areas, the Proline 2.5t Short Fork model is one of the most effective hand pump trucks when mobility is limited.

Featuring all the benefits of the standard Silverline 2.5t pump truck, the short fork version is a handy alternative that’s ideal for heavy-lifting pallet moving jobs in confined spaces.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 3 Tonne Pallet Pump Truck

Also featuring epoxy coating, ergonomic handle and one-handle operation with adjustable lowering speed, the Pfaff Proline 3t is the bigger brother of the Silverline 2.5t.

With an increased lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes, the Proline 3t pallet truck boasts specially hardened axles, chrome-plated piston rods and maintenance-free bearings for enhanced performance.


 pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 1.5 Tonne Printers Pallet Pump Truck

The Pfaff Silverline 1.5t Printers pallet truck features polyurethane load wheels and an ergonomic handle, offering 210° manoeuvrability either side like the previous models.

From a safety perspective, the pressure control can also be altered to avoid risk of overload, while the handlebar has been enhanced for additional efficiency, offering single-hand operation for ease-of-use.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Parking Brake Pallet Pump Truck

A unique addition to the Pfaff range of hand pallet trucks, this particular product is notably different to the others in the collection, chiefly for its inclusion of a parking brake.

The Parking Brake pallet pump truck is fundamentally designed for the transportation of box pallets and palletised goods on a variety of inclines, including uphill slopes, ramps and trucks.

For enhanced durability, both the frame and the forks have a robust steel construction, perfectly complementing the high-quality powder coating and reinforced axles to ensure a longer life-span.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2 Tonne Extra Wide Pallet Pump Truck

Boasting all the benefits of the standard Pfaff Silverline pallet pump trucks, the Pfaff Silverline Extra Wide model is specifically designed for larger items.

Featuring solid rubber polyurethane wheels and a broader base for wider loads, this product is perfect for lifting and shifting special pallets, making job involving brickyard or American pallets virtually effortless.


pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Silverline 2 Tonne Weighing Pallet Pump Truck

Specifically intended for weighing and transported box pallets and palletised goods, this handy weighing pallet truck provides a means of pallet moving with the additional benefit of accurate load measurement.

Primarily intended for simple weighing applications, such as batching or filling processes, the Pfaff Silverline 2t Weighing pallet truck is factory-calibrated and capable of measuring up to 2000 kg.

Weight readings appear on a clear and easy-to-use LCD display, with measurements recorded in 1 kg increments with an impressive accuracy of 0.1 % either side of the end value.


 pfaff pump trucks, pallet pump trucks

Pfaff Proline 2.5 Tonne Stainless Steel Pallet Pump Truck

With a stainless-steel construction, this product is purpose-built for the food and chemical trades.

The Pfaff Proline Stainless Steel pallet truck is made from V4A-316 stainless steel. This includes the frame, bolts, connecting rods and the torsion tube, as well as the all-important hydraulic unit itself.

Meanwhile, the low-maintenance hydraulic pump also features a pressure relief valve and hard chromium-plated piston for superior performance, even in harsh environments.


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When it comes to hand pallet truck movers, the wide variety of models available on the market can leave you so spoilt for choice that knowing where to start can be a half the battle.

From stainless steel pallet trucks and rough terrain pallet trucks to mini pallet trucks and extra long pallet trucks, the sheer scope of manual and electric pallet trucks can leave even the most knowledgeable of pallet truck aficionados in a state of unpalatable confusion.

If this sounds familiar, you may feel like you want to pull the plug on the idea entirely…and now you can – with the 1500kg Edge Battery Powered Hand Pallet Trucks from!


battery powered pallet trucks


Why choose battery powered pallet trucks?

The product of decades of knowledge and experience, the Battery Powered Pallet Truck offers freedom, mobility and independence in one cutting-edge product.

Combining the best elements of manual and electric pallet movers, the Edge Battery Powered Pallet Truck is an affordable and efficient alternative that loses nothing in performance.

Featuring automatic lift function for easy lifting, you can raise your chosen pallet off the ground with no effort at all.

Aesthetically, the Edge is dressed to impress, sporting a sleek black designed interspersed with red for visibility. However, it’s what’s beneath the exterior that really impresses.


Features of battery powered pallet trucks

The Edge features up to six hours of working time with a minimum charge time of just 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, this model also boasts a built-in battery maintenance system for easy control of significant parameters and battery performance.

With a maximum operating capacity of 1500kg with a 16% unladen incline capability (4% laden), it’s just as at home on a loading dock or in difficult conditions as it is in a warehouse. It’s also lighter than comparative models, making it a great choice for delivery lorries, while

The forks are not only shaped for easy entry and exit of pallets, but also reinforced for significantly increased frame rigidity. The frame is encased in stamped steel elements for ample protection of the inner components, while a steel apron protects the operator’s feet at the same time.


Battery power pallet trucks at PTT

Perfect for light and medium duty transportation of materials, the Edge is also ideal for use in space restricted areas, with a turning radius of 1274/1330mm and lifted/lowered forks.

The standard model comes equipped with a maintenance-free 24V/20Ah Lithium battery; however, additional capacities of 30Ah and 36Ah are available on request.

For battery-powered freedom and independent manoeuvrability of pallets, the Edge Fully Electric Battery Powered Hand Pallet Truck is the perfect solution!


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Electric Pallet Truck Hire

If you have an upcoming job or delivery that’s going to require some heavy lifting, elbow grease and man-power might not be sufficient on their own - particularly if you want to escape with your spine intact!

Luckily, we at have a whole host of pallet trucks for you to hire - including our handy electric pallet truck range. Available for long- or short-term hire, we can help you to lighten your load without putting a heavy burden on your bank account.

Benefits of electric pallet trucks

Ideal for light-duty transportation jobs, electric pallet trucks are perfect for manoeuvring goods around a warehouse, loading and unloading lorries, and moving stock from A to B.

Economical and easy to use, these powered pallet movers offer a range of user-friendly perks to make your weighty woes an absolute breeze. Electric pallet trucks feature an electrically-powered lifting and lowering lever, making the whole process as easy as possible.

Plus, just to make the process even smoother, these pallet movers also boast stabilisers for additional safety and reliability under pressure. So even if your resolve is begins to wobble at the end of a long day, at least you know your pallet truck won’t.

Why hire electric pallet trucks from

If you’ve got a delivery to make and you're looking to hire electric pallet movers that will give you the edge, we have the products for you! Offering the best of both worlds, our electric pallet trucks combine the benefits of both manual and electric powered pallet jacks in one tidy package.

Our electric pallet trolleys feature fully rechargeable long-life batteries with a relatively low charge time. These batteries also come encased in a sturdy steel shell to ensure durability on the job, while the trucks themselves also feature a variety of handy safety features to keep you and your load safe.

With a maximum capacity of 1500kg, there’s no doubt that our robust pallet movers can perform under pressure. They’re also suitable for use on inclines - 4% laden / 16% unladen - and are ideal for use in difficult conditions such as loading docks. Compact and light, our electric pallet trucks are ideal for delivery lorries and those that feature a tail lift.

Types of electric pallet truck

At, we have two primary options available for those looking to hire an electric pallet truck:

Extremely reliable and competitively priced, our products are guaranteed to lift your spirits and make light work of your haulage headaches.

For more information on electric pallet truck hire, please call 0117 9381 600 or use the links below.

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Pallet trucks are the primary piece of equipment used in warehouses and other industrial places to transport goods. One thing is for sure, pallet trucks are one of the most used pieces of equipment in industrial settings and when they become damaged it can cause no end of workplace disruption.

The majority of pallet trucks are designed to withstand frequent use, so the likelihood of them malfunctioning all the time is slim. That being said, it's recommended that you spend a little bit of time inspecting and servicing your pallet trucks so they don't break unexpectedly.

Follow our step by step pallet truck service guide to keep all of your pallet trucks running smoothly.

Step 1 - Inspect

Are there any problems that jump out at you right away? Eg. the wheels are damaged/missing or the forks aren't straight.

If so, this pallet truck should no longer be used in the workplace as it poses a potential safety hazard. Seek out replacement parts & repair the pallet truck before putting it back in service. Generally speaking, if your pallet trucks have been used carefully and correctly by a trained operative then they should be in relatively good working order with no obvious damage. 

Step 2 - Test

If everything looks ok with the pallet truck, it's time to move on to the second phase of your pallet truck service- testing whether the pallet truck works or not! To test the truck, load the truck will a pallet and check each functionality one by one. As someone who works with pallet trucks, it's likely you'll spot any faults right away!

Take note of the issues you come across, especially if you'll be passing the truck over to a separate repair team following your inspection!

Step 3 - Repair

Now that you've identified problems with your pallet truck, it's time to make any necessary repairs and get your pallet truck back out to work in no time. Here are a few problems that you may notice as you carry out your pallet truck inspection, and some ways you might be able to solve them.

Problem: The pallet truck's jack is unable to lift the load:

  • Air trapped inside the hydraulic pump - To fix this problem, all you need to do is displace the air bubble inside the mechanism. Try pumping the lever rapidly 10 - 15 times (or until the problem no longer persists).
  • Hydraulic pump fluid is running low - Make sure the pallet truck is in the lowered position. Remove the plug that keeps the hydraulic fluid vessel sealed and re-fill the oil reservoir. If the problem persists, you might have to drain the pallet truck and start again. 

Problem: Pallet Truck won't move:

  • The wheel is damaged - Try taking off the wheel and re-attaching it, ensuring that the wheel fits as it should be and nothing is obstructing the wheel. If the problem persists try replacing the wheel. 

These are just a few problems you might encounter with your pallet trucks. Contact us on 0117 9381 600 for more advice.

If you can't find a solution or you want to replace a faulty pallet truck, take a look at the different pallet trucks we have to offer:

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From large warehouses to small workshops, many businesses rely heavily on hard-wearing and robust pallet trucks to complete their day-to-day operations. They offer not just the ability to complete tasks but facilitate the enhancement, simplification and instilment of high productivity levels with the workforce. Making them an essential piece of equipment to keep businesses operating. For this very reason, it is imperative that when a business decides to order a pallet truck, whether it’s a single truck or a fleet, that they order them with the correct width in mind.

Pallet trucks are used for a number of material handling tasks such as transporting pallets from lorries to warehouses and the shop floor, filling up containers in shipping bays and manoeuvring inventory within stock rooms. So, it is extremely important to know which size pallet truck best suits your needs. The pallet truck width will be determined by the size of the pallet which is most commonly handled by the business and is usually split into three main categories;

  • UK Pallets
  • Euro Pallets
  • Printer’s Pallets

UK Pallets

Typical UK pallets, also known as Blue, GKN or CHEP pallets, measure 1000 x 1200mm and are ideal for pallet trucks that are 680mm wide. The length of the pallet truck’s forks can also be chosen with 1000, 1150 or 1200mm available. 1000mm is the most popular choice due to the increased manoeuvrability of the pallet without the fork sticking out on the opposite side. The larger 1200mm forks are used when pallets are heavier and further support is needed to avoid sagging. The third length of 1150mm is chosen as a compromise between the first two lengths.

Euro Pallets  

The standard Euro pallet measure 800 x 1200mm and are ideal for pallet trucks with a width of 540mm. Extra caution must be placed when ordering pallet trucks if Euro pallets are regularly used as pallet trucks 680mm wide will NOT fit into their narrow sides. If both UK and Euro pallets are used within a business, it is advised that a pallet truck width of 540mm with 1150mm forks is chosen as this is the most universal size and will work with both types of pallets.

Printer’s Pallets

There are a number of pallets that are smaller than the previous two mentioned, such as Printer’s pallets, which are commonly used within the printing industry. These are approximately half the size of the standard Euro pallet and require even narrower forks. A pallet truck width of 450mm and fork length of 1000mm is the most common to use for these types of pallets, however, lengths from 500 – 1200mm are regularly used.

Here at, we strive to meet all of your needs, no matter what they are. We offer an extensive range of pallet trucks, available in a number of various sizes – to see our full collection, hit the button below! If you have any questions or require further information regarding our range of pallet trucks, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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