Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

If you're in need of equipment that you can use on rough terrain pallet truck without facing any issues, then our Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks are exactly what you're looking for. The heavy-duty frames and pneumatic tires allow you to manoeuvre the pallet truck over the most uneven and rough surfaces with ease. Most pallet trucks aren't best suited for rough and uneven surfaces, whereas these pallet trucks have been specifically manufactured to conquer this terrain.

With a robust metal frame, watertight wheel bearings and inflatable tires, and also a hydraulic elevator with a built-in pump, these pallet trucks are suited to any location. They are ideal for open and closed pallets and are useful in a number of industries. If you're in need of a pallet truck that can function on the most uneven and rough terrain, our rough terrain pallet trucks are perfect for the job. 

Here are the Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks we have on offer:

Rough Terrain Hand Pallet Truck (1200kg)

• 1200kg capacity
• Pneumatic tires
• Heavy duty steel frame
• 860mm adjustable forks
• Dimensions LxWxH - 1375x1605x1200 
• Weight - 225kg
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1500kg Rough Terrain Hand Pallet Truck

• High Load Capacity - 1500kg 
• Wheels fitted with water tight bearings
• Adjustable "E" hook
• Hydraulic elevator with built-in pump 
• Wheels with inflatable tyres
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