When it comes to choosing between an electric powered pallet truck and a manual pallet truck, it may seem like the easy answer is the electric option. However, to choose between these two options is actually harder than it seems, as it depends on what exactly you need your pallet truck for. There are pros and cons to both options, so we've put together this handy list for you to help make your decision. 

Electric Powered Pallet Truck

1.5 Tonne Electic Hand Pallet Truck 540mm x 1150mm
Electric Powered Pallet Trucks do all of the hard work of a manual pallet truck, but without the hard work on your part. In fact, some of the larger electric powered pallet trucks are big enough to allow you to stand on the machine with the pallets, meaning your electric powered pallet truck can whiz you around the warehouse with it. 


  • They are easier for the operator to control and are less likely to cause any strain related injuries. 
  • Electric powered pallet trucks allow workers to move around the workplace at a quicker pace, saving the company time.
  • Operating an electric powered pallet truck is less tiring than operating a manual pallet truck and so, requires a smaller amount of breaks as it is less strenuous. 


  • Operating an electric powered pallet truck requires more training than its manual counterpart. 
  • Electric powered pallet trucks tend to suffer more maintenance issues and cost more to buy initially. However, as the electric powered pallet truck increases the efficiency of the workplace, this can help you gain your money back. 

Manual Pallet Truck

2500kg Hand Pallet Pallet Pump Truck 540 x 1150mm

Manual pallet trucks are usually readily available in any warehouse environment, due to their durable and sustainable nature. Perfect for lifting, lowering or steering pallets, manual pallet trucks have been an essential item for years. 


  • Manual pallet trucks are traditionally cheaper to buy than electric powered pallet trucks. 
  • They are very versatile and can handle all kinds of pallets.
  • They are usually less maintenance and easier to repair than electric powered pallet trucks. 
  • They are known to be highly reliable and durable. 


  • They are more strenuous to use and can cause more injuries.
  • Manual pallet trucks are harder to operate due to their manual aspect. 
Hopefully this round-up of electric powered pallet trucks vs manual pallet trucks pros and cons is enough to convince you on your decision, but if not, feel free to browse our collection of pallet trucks by clicking here or contact us to find out more!