Heavy equipment moving skates

Moving a heavy load using nothing more than your own strength can be risky for a number of reasons. Heavy lifting can lead to a number of musculoskeletal disorders and other long-term problems, and the load itself may become damaged if you accidentally drop it.

Fortunately, there are a number of different products that can be used to move weighty items with ease. Among the most versatile options are the heavy equipment moving skates that we stock here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com.

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With weight capacities ranging from 2 tonnes to 100 tonnes, we have a skate set for just about any load moving job you're likely to encounter. Our heavy equipment moving skates are ideal for shifting:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Furniture
  • Large crates and containers

All of our skates can be purchased online at great prices, and many are available to hire as well. Whether you need a budget-friendly moving skate or a steerable skate set that's capable of supporting the very largest loads, we're bound to have what you need here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com!

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