Whether you're relocating, redecorating or simply reorganising your space, it's important to ensure that all moving operation are completed safely! When manually manoeuvring or handling items of furniture, it is incredibly important to eliminate the risks of possible accidents, which could not only damage your items, but could cause serious injuries to those involved in the move.

Moving Furniture

(Image by S STEEL on Flickr)

To help you complete your move in an efficient and hassle-free way, while preventing possible injuries, we've put together a list of tips and guidelines on how to move furniture safely:

Clear Your Space of Possible Hazards

This is an obvious first step, but it's often overlooked by movers of all natures, causing them to trip up (literally). If you're going to be lifting an item of furniture, moving it across a dedicated area, you should complete a thorough check of your work space before setting out to complete your lift, in order to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk of falling or slipping whilst performing the application.

Use Furniture Dollies 

Theses are a simple and affordable assistance method to help improve the safety and efficiency of your move. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, these devices help to avoid the complications of lifting your furniture altogether, offering a simple solution for moving your items. Here's some examples of furniture dollies that you can purchase (all at an affordable price!)

Wrap Your Furniture (But do it Right)

Wrapping your furniture using blankets and other protective padding is a great way to protect them from damages, and also protects the mover from sharp edges. If you decide to take this step, be sure to wrap the item tightly, inspecting it closely to ensure that there are no loose edges hanging out. This will prevent you from tripping whilst moving the item, and will also prevent it from becoming caught in any of the moving devices that you may be using. 

Dismantle Your Furniture Before Moving

Lighter items without loose parts are always going to be easier (and safer) to move, so make sure that you do this before you begin. For example, take the drawers out of a dressing unit before moving them; this will not only allow you to ditch the added weight, but will also eliminate the hazard of them falling whilst the move is in progress. If an item such a leather sofa, for example, can be split into separate sections, you should most certainly do this before commencing your lift.

Make Use of the Proper Equipment

Although there are recommended methods for performing manual lifts, and many tips on how to move furniture with household items, none of these are a safe substitute for dedicated lifting aids. Whether it's a wheeled furniture mover or a machine skate set, a carefully designed moving aid can massively improve the level of safety when moving items of furniture! In addition, these devices can also make the process more efficient, helping you to avoid the risk of damaging either your furniture piece, or the surrounding items and decor. If you're a professional, it's a given that you should have these items in your kit, but if not, you can always choose to hire them.

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