How to Move Machinery


Heavy machinery can be a nightmare to transport, not only can it be difficult to work out the logistics of the move, but doing it wrong can actually lead to some pretty serious injuries. As material handling experts, we make it our business to know how to move heavy machinery and provide you with the equipment you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Above all, knowing how to move heavy machinery safely is the key to having these jobs move smoothly. Here's a guide to the equipment you need to get that machinery moving:

How to move heavy machinery:

We recommend before you move any machinery that you get yourself familiar with the HSE (Health and Safety Executives) guide on manual handling. If the goods you are attempting to move is too heavy for a person (or even multiple people) to lift and carry safely, you should always use equipment that is specifically created for this.

Machinery Moving Skate Sets


Our machinery moving skate sets are a fantastic tool for moving goods that weigh between 8 and 36 tonnes. Each of these machinery moving skate sets is easily manoeuvred using the steering handle. This controls the two trailing skates which each have polyurethane wheels which are a fantastic choice for moving machinery as they prevent damage to your floors. Using these machinery moving skates allows you to move heavy duty and industrial machinery with ease. 


Caterpillar Skates

These skates are made of steel and are perfect for transporting heavy goods and machinery over a firm floor. The design of the skates makes them incredibly durable and they can transport loads from 20 to 60 tonnes. They are a great piece of equipment for moving awkward loads, for both machinery or furniture.


How to safely move heavy machinery using equipment:

Machinery movers may help to move heavy goods with ease, but it's still vital to use these with the correct safety measures in place. Here is some advice on how to move machinery safely with skates:

  • Always read the instructions and follow the intended use of the equipment
  • Avoid wearing loose garments that may become caught or jammed
  • Keep hands clear from any rotating mechanism
  • Ensure the weight of the machinery is evenly distributed before attempting to transport it
  • Be sure the equipment can hold the weight of the machinery (see maximum weight load in the product descriptions)
  • Use anti-slip barriers to help keep the load secure


If you have any questions about how to move machinery we are more than happy to help you find the best equipment to help with the process. For any advice about any of our products or any other material handling query feel free to get in touch. Contact us today. To view our full range of Load Moving Equipment, click below!

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