How to Use a Pallet Truck

How To Use A Pallet Truck

Though it may seem simple at first, it is easy to get confused when learning how to use a pallet truck (also known as pallet jack). Pallet trucks are created to make multiple transportation jobs easier, but if you're unsure how to use this equipment, it can end up making your job far more difficult. Both manual and electric pallet trucks can be used in different ways too.

It can be a struggle trying to work this our without a guide, you could even do damage to the goods your trying to move or the pallet truck itself. To save you the trouble of trying to figure it out yourself, we've put together a guide on how to use a pallet truck with ease. 

How to Use a Pallet Truck (Manual) 

Manual pallet trucks are commonly found in warehouses or storage units which need to move large loads. You can spot a manual pallet truck by its long handle and fork like metal base. If you need a use a pallet truck frequently in your job, you'll find it's quite easy to do and you can usually do it by yourself. So to give you that initial helping hand, here's how to use a pallet truck manually. 

1) First, locate the release lever on the pallet truck. This lever allows the metal base to drop closer to the floor and slot underneath the loads you need to move. This lever is typically located within the pallet truck handle, as can be seen in the image below. 

Release Lever

2) Once you have used the lever to lower the base, you can now place the forks beneath the pallet. Pallets are specifically designed to work with Pallet Trucks, and so you should find that there is ample room beneath the pallet to place the pallet truck forks. 


3) Now you can pull the handle towards you to lift the pallet from the floor. Once the metal forks are below the pallet, you can pull the Pallet Truck handle towards you to pump the pallet up from the floor. As you can see in the image below, the handle should be pulled diagonally in order to lift the pallets up. 

Pallet Truck Handle

4) Make sure the pallet is off the floor before you attempt to move it. You should then be able to wheel your pallet truck away easily. 

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How to Use a Pallet Truck (Electric)

Though it may look similar, an Electric pallet truck is used differently to a manual pallet truck. An electric pallet truck can be spotted by the plug it contains in its base. Electric pallet trucks are slightly more complicated to set up, but you'll find they're also very easy to use once you're accustomed to it. Here's how to use a pallet truck which is electric.

1) After charging the Electric Pallet Jack sufficiently, you can unplug the cable and stow it back inside the pallet truck. 

Electric Pallet Truck Plug

2) Use the controller on the pallet jack's handle to lower the forks to the floor. There should be up, down, left and right levers on the handle. 

Electric Controls

3) You can then steer the electric pallet jack using the controls towards the items you would like to lift. 

Electric Pallet Truck

4) Slide the forks beneath the pallet you would like to lift and lift the pallet up. You can do this by using the lower and lift functions on the control handle. You should then be able to move your pallet wherever you like using the electric control. 

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