Material Handling Equipment
Material handling equipment comes in all kinds of different forms. From the humble sack truck to motorised solutions heavy-duty lifting platforms, there's a piece of equipment for just about every conceivable set of moving/handling requirements.
Some people, though, see material handling equipment as an unnecessary expenditure - why spend money on a trolley when you could simply lift and carry those boxes yourself?
Today, we'd like to talk about the benefits of material handling equipment - and the drawbacks of making do without it.

Material handling equipment gets the job done more quickly.

Manually transporting heavy loads using your own strength alone makes for slow, laborious work. Most people aren't able to move very quickly while carrying weighty items; furthermore, a person generally can't carry as many things at once as a pallet truck or trolley.  Using the right piece of material handling equipment allows you to transport your entire load swiftly and easily.

It also reduces the risk of injury!

Manual handling injuries are awfully common these days - in fact, according to the HSE's health and safety statistics, manual handling (that is, transporting a load by your own bodily force) is the most common cause of back disorders in the workplace. Carrying heavy items by yourself can lead to chronic back pain and permanent musculoskeletal problems; you may also harm yourself and/or others if you accidentally drop the object you're carrying.

Material handling equipment may be less expensive than you think.

If you're still not convinced that you need material handling equipment to keep your operation running safely and efficiently, it's worth at least checking to see how much a product like a sack trolley will set you back. Here at, we have sack trucks available to buy for as little as £30 - we also offer a variety of competitively-priced hire options if your requirements are more short-term.