When it comes to jack pallet trucks (also known as pallet trucks, pallet pump trucks or pump trucks) our wide range here at Palletrucks-Trolleys is sure to fit your every need. Pallet trucks are our specialty and we know how essential this equipment is to the many companies dealing with heavy loads day in and day out. The key purpose of jack pallet trucks is to move heavy and light weight pallets around the warehouse with ease.This makes them a vital part of any working environment that needs to move loads frequently. 

Our range includes everything from mini jack pallet trucks all the way to rough terrain jack pallet trucks. We also stock wide jack pallet trucks and low profile pallet trucks to accommodate any need you may have. Here's a look at some of our range: 

Mini Hand Jack Pallet Pump Truck

2500kg Mini Hand Jack Pallet Pump Truck

Capacity: 2500kg
Fork Width: 450mm
Fork Length: 800mm

Mini Hand Jack Pallet Pump Trucks are ideal for any working environment due to their smaller nature but high capacity lifting ability. These mini jack pallet pump trucks won't take up too much room in your workspace and will still be able to lift heavy loads with ease. 

Extra Long Hand Jack Pallet Truck

2000kg Extra Long Hand Jack Pallet Truck 

Capacity: 2000kg
Fork Width: 540mm
Fork Length: 2500mm

If you're looking to move all of your pallets in one go, an extra long hand jack pallet truck might be the perfect option for you. It's 2500mm fork length means that extended size loads can be moved easily without having to make too many trips. 

1500kg Rough Terrain Hand Jack Pallet Truck

Capacity: 1500kg
Fork Width: Adjustable (190 to 590mm)

In working environments which have rough terrains such as garden centres or work sites, our rough terrain hand jack pallet truck will help solve all of your problems. If you're tired of your jack pallet trucks getting stuck or dropping items while you try to take your pallets from A to B, this rough terrain hand jack pallet trucks robust metal frame will ensure these issues are put in the past. 

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