Moving Equipment Hire Service


Are you currently in the process of moving home or warehouse? Are you wondering how you will move everything? This is the perfect opportunity to find out what equipment you can rent from our Moving Equipment Hire Service. Each item in our Moving Equipment collection is of exceptionally high quality and will be sure to keep your contents completely safe during the move. 

Here are a few of the products included in our Moving Equipment Hire Service: 

Furniture and Equipment MoversFurniture and Equipment Movers

Furniture/Equipment Movers 

Our furniture/equipment movers are a popular choice when it comes to our moving equipment hire service. Ideal for moving heavy furniture from your home or heavy equipment from your workplace, these pieces of moving equipment will ensure your items are moved safely and efficiently. 
The movers are separate and can be adjusted to suit your needs. They also come with lifting mechanisms and straps which allow you to move any heavy items from the floor securely and easily. To request a quote for the hiring of this equipment, just click here and select the 'hire me' option. 

Portable Lifting PlatformsPortable Lifting Platforms

Portable Lifting Platforms

To move your items to different heights, we also have high-quality portable lifting platforms available in our moving equipment hire service. These portable lifting platforms can lift weights from 150kg to 1000kg, depending on which platform table you select. 
All these platforms are operated via hand control and foot pedals, are made of heavy-duty steel and include hydraulic lifting functionality. To request a quote for the hiring of this equipment, just click here and select the hire me option. 


Manual Stacker TrucksManual Stacker Trucks

Manual Stacker Trucks 

Also available with our moving equipment hire service is our manual stacker trucks. Versatile and cost-effective, these manual stacker trucks are ideal for moving equipment from an office environment. Made of heavy-duty steel, you can be sure this equipment will not let you down. 

Our range of manual stacker trucks can hold up to 1000kg, meaning they're suitable for moving most equipment. To request a quote for hiring for the hiring of this equipment, just click here and select the hire me button. 

If you'd like to browse our full range of material handling equipment,  just click here. Or if you have any questions about the products featured in this post, call us on 0801236969.