Pallet trucks
Given the name of our website, it should come as no surprise to learn that we stock a very large range of pallet trucks here at All of our pallet truck products are available both to hire and to buy, so whatever your requirements, we can provide a suitable solution.
Here are just a few of the different pallet trucks we're able to supply:
All Pallet Trucks

2000kg Hand Pallet Truck

This cost-effective pallet truck comes with a hydraulic pump unit and a triple-action control handle for lifting, lowering and steering. Similar units are available for manoeuvring loads of up to 2500kg and 3000kg.
Low Profile Pallet Truck 

2000kg Low Profile Pallet Truck

Minimal floor clearance makes this pallet truck ideal for lifting low items that other trucks might be unable to get underneath.
Electric Pallet Truck

1.5 Tonne Electric Pallet Truck

An economical electric truck with a compact, lightweight design. Includes electric lifting/lowering function.
Weigh Pallet Trucks

2000kg Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale

This pallet truck handily includes a built-in weighing scale that tells you the exact weight of the load you're moving.
These are just a few examples of what we have to offer - click here to browse our full range of pallet pump trucks!