In most warehouses, tucked away in the corner or hidden behind a stack of pallets, you will find a good old Pallet Truck. Pallet Trucks have become an essential item in most warehouses which require the movement of loads frequently. But which pallet truck is best for your warehouse? 

We've broken down the best Pallet Trucks for big and small warehouses for you. Take a look here. 

Small Warehouses


Mini Pallet Trucks

These small pallet trucks are ideal for smaller warehouses and storage rooms as they can easily be transported through narrow aisles and rooms. Capable of lifting up to 1500kg, these are one of the best pallet trucks for small warehouses. As they are so small, they can also be operated by one person easily and even by those who have no prior experience with pallet trucks. 

Foldable Pallet Trucks 

For those with even less space in their warehouses, foldable pallet trucks are a fantastic addition. They can help you transport goods of up to 300kg and can then be easily folded and stored away, leaving you with much more space than if you had a usual pallet truck. Their narrow structure will also allow them to be manoeuvred through the aisles easily by one operator. 

Large Warehouses


Wide Pallet Trucks

Wide Pallet Trucks for warehouses work perfectly when a lot of items need to be moved from A to B. Their wide forks can carry bigger loads (up to 2500kg) and will fit better in wider aisles and rooms. Though they can carry more weight, they are still as easily maneuverable as the smaller pallet trucks for warehouses and can still be operated by just one person.

Extra Long Hand Pallet Trucks

Similar to wide pallet trucks, these extra long hand pallet trucks are ideal for moving larger loads across the warehouse. However, as this longer pallet truck is narrower, it is ideal an ideal pallet truck for warehouses with slightly smaller aisle sizes. These extra long hand pallet trucks can move items like furniture and office equipment with ease, due to the size of the forks. 

We hope this blog has displayed the variety of pallet trucks for warehouses available to you! Here at PalleTrucks-Trolleys we also have electric pallet trucks and rough terrain pallet trucks, meaning there is a pallet truck for every environment. Browse them here!