News and media outlets are understandably focusing most of their attention on the result of yesterday's EU referendum right now, but that's not the only thing happening today: somewhere in Somerset, tens of thousands of people are currently celebrating the start of the 2016 Glastonbury Festival!

One member of the team is down on Worthy Farm as we're typing this, and before the music had even begun, he'd spotted a couple of our utility carts around the festival site:

These carts are perfect for the festival environment, making it easier to carry camping gear, crates of alcohol, and tired children around the site. The trip from car park to campsite is always a particularly arduous journey, but with one of our festival carts on hand, you at least won't have to lug all your gear around on your back!

Now, we've seen a few photos doing the rounds of people using prams to transport their supplies around the Glastonbury site. This may seem like an appealingly easy and cost-effective option, but just look at what happens when those prams come up against the inevitable festival mud pit:

Our festival carts, on the other hand, have heavy-duty tyres that can skate through difficult conditions like those shown above with ease.

We have festival carts available to BUY and HIRE - if you're going to any festivals this summer, make sure you don't leave without a cart! Click here to browse our full range.