In May 2015, a SPR Trailer Services Ltd worker died when the scissor-lift platform he was working on tipped over and caused fatal head injuries. Last month the company faced a £120,000 fine as they admitted a breach in the Health and Safety legislation, admitting they failed to carry out an appropriate risk assessment.

This workplace fatality was one of the 142 reported in 2014/15 and was wholly avoidable. This incident should remind companies to ensure rigorous risk assessments are taken prior to any operation that could potentially be fatal. 

What should workplace risk assessments include? 

As any safe workplace will know, risk assessments are an extremely important part of the job. Not only do they maintain the safety of your workers, they also avoid the hefty fines that are caused by health and safety breaches.

Risk assessment in the workplace should include: 

  • Identification of hazards and risk factors that could cause harm
  • Evaluation of the risk associated with that hazard
  • An analysis of how the hazard can be eliminated or controlled

Furthermore, if you're using manual handling equipment a risk assessment of the items used should be taken. The safety components of the equipment should be inspected thoroughly to make sure it does not cause injury to the worker while in use. 

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