The Christmas period is one of the busiest times for warehouse operatives, especially for those who work in retail. With Amazon taking half of all online Black Friday sales, those working in this sector have most likely experienced a very tiresome holiday season. 

We know it can be difficult to work through this time, so we've put together some tips on working in a warehouse over Christmas to make your job easier!

Tips for a Christmas Warehouse Worker

  • Make sure you have equipment that works

As a warehouse worker, you're likely familiar with the likes of pallet trucks and sack trolleys. They make your job easier and help get things done quickly. However, if you have one which does not function properly, you may find it causes more damage than good. 

A broken piece of manual handling equipment can cause excessive strain to the worker - so it is advised to make sure your equipment works over this busy period. To browse new manual handling equipment, you can see our ranges here

  • Take breaks

Though it may seem like you can't stop, make sure you take a break occasionally. Sit down for your lunch and rest your body before starting the whole process again. A tired worker isn't an efficient worker - so it is in the companies benefit to let you recharge your batteries. Over the Christmas period, we often see different businesses getting into trouble over lack of breaks for there workers, so make sure you don't become one of them. 

  • Always wear protective clothing

Objects falling from a height is one of the biggest contributors to injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Avoid any injuries happening during this busy period by always wearing protective headgear, gloves, proper footwear and eyewear if needed. PPE is a necessary part of keeping you safe while working, so make sure you have yours. You can browse high-quality PPE equipment here

  • Treat the aisles like a busy street

If you're busy during the Christmas period, your colleagues definitely are too. Pay attention to what is going on and keep an eye out for any hazards. Even if you need to get something done, it's never worth putting yourself or someone else in danger. 

  • Inspect your equipment before use

All equipment should be inspected before use, so don't forget this rule during Christmas. Especially because the equipment will be used more than normal, you need to ensure there's no danger when using it. Take a look here to see who can inspect lifting equipment.

Most of all, stay safe this Christmas! We hope you have the best day and we will see you in the new year.