150kg Furniture Trolley Skate150kg Furniture Trolley Skate150kg Furniture Trolley Skate
  • 150kg Furniture Trolley Skate
  • 150kg Furniture Trolley Skate
  • 150kg Furniture Trolley Skate

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150kg Furniture Trolley Skate

Product Code: SWE-TT81980CA

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Net Weight

£3.58  Each inc VAT
(£2.98 ex VAT)
£2.98 ex Vat

Our 150kg Furniture Trolley Skate is the perfect appliance to help you move furniture and equipment from A to B. It comes with a 150kg safe working load and can be easily operated by one person, making it a simple yet effective piece of equipment

Simply by placing the piece of furniture or appliance on top of the furniture skate, you will be able to easily move your furniture around. Fully equipped with a 360-degree swivel top plate to ensure ease of use when manoeuvring, and optimal handling throughout transportation, our furniture trolley skate will make moving furniture easier than ever before.

150kg Furniture Trolley Skate Specifications

  • Model: TT81980CA

  • Fitted with 8x robust plastic rollers

  • 360 degree swivel top plate

  • Dimensions: 580 x 290mm

  • Roller Material: Plastic

  • Capacity: 150kg

  • Weight: 0.5kg

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** When moving goods, please ensure that the Dolly is centred under the item to evenly distribute the load **

150kg Home Furniture Appliance Trolley (Net Weight Per Item: 0.50kg):
(£2.98 ex Vat)
Rigging equipment