300kg Carpet & Material Trolley300kg Carpet & Material Trolley
  • 300kg Carpet & Material Trolley
  • 300kg Carpet & Material Trolley

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300kg Carpet & Material Trolley


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Net Weight

Was: £235.97 £196.64 (ex VAT)
Now: £189.08  Each inc VAT
(£157.57 ex VAT)
£157.57 ex Vat

300kg Material & Carpet Trolley

If you're looking for an easier way to transport your carpet and materials, our 300kg Material & Carpet Trolley is the ideal piece of equipment for you. With a simple yet strong structure, this material trolley can transport long rolls of material across warehouses with ease.
The structure comes with 2 strong pneumatic tyres which will not damage your flooring nor break easily. Fully equipped to carry loads up to 300kg, this carpet & material trolley will save you plenty of time transporting items across the warehouse. 
Further Specifications About Our 300kg Material & Carpet Trolley
Comes with 2 Tough Pneumatic Wheels
Centre axle provides great maneuverability
Strong steel tubular design
Dimensions: (L) 1515mm x (W) 555mm x (H) 533mm
Trolley equipped with pneumatic tyres
Tyre diameter 400mm x 100mm Width
Maximum load capacity 300kg
If you're interested in this 300kg Carpet & Material Trolley or if you have any questions, you can contact us here or give us a call on 0808 123 69 69. 
Carpet/Material Trolley max load 300kgs (Net Weight Per Item: 16.00kg):
(£157.57 ex Vat)
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