500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley
  • 500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley
  • 500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley
  • 500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley

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500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley

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£231.11 ex Vat

500kg Tube & Pipe Trolley

Our Tube & Pipe Trolley ensures that all pipes are transported safely and securely to their destination. It can carry up to 500kg, making it ideal for moving items around the warehouse and industrial environments. 

To help manoeuver this tube & pipe trolley, a detachable steering handle is provided. This helps make transportation even easier, especially with heavy-duty items. It also allows the user to tip the items out of the trolley with ease. This pipe trolley can hold pipes up to 300mm diameter and up to 6 meters long. 

It can also be used for transporting carpets and materials too! The heavyweight capacity means this pipe trolley is an ideal piece of equipment for most material-based warehouses and construction sites. 

Tube & Pipe Trolley Specifications

Max load Capacity: 500kg

Max Pipe Diameter: 300mm

Max Pipe Length: 6mtr long

1 Year Warranty included


If you'd like to speak to one of our team members about this Tube & Pipe Trolley, just get in touch on 0808 123 69 69 or contact us here. 

Pipe / Tube Trolley (Net Weight Per Item: 28.00kg):
(£231.11 ex Vat)
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